Thank you

Hi, a quick post to say THANK YOU to everyone who has commented, emailed me, texted me, twitter messaged me or said anything irl about what I’m going through griefwise. Someone I met ten (?) years ago at BlogHer texted me yesterday, when I was in a velvet painting-filled bar in Tukwilla with sheet metal ruffians and I almost started crying at the table. I am really sorry that some of you have said that you understand because this has happened to you as well.

I think I’ve chosen a weird and somewhat stupid life for myself by writing online for 16 years. I don’t know why I’ve chosen to record my life in this way. I started it in late summer 2001 when I lost a close friend and was feeling lonely, depressed, nostalgic. Realizing that my life had a hollow core of loneliness, and then finding people online who I liked to read and who thought I was funny back was probably the first step towards me having anything resembling self-esteem and having fun writing. I don’t think I’d be the person I am now without this site.

Some of you probably know this story, but in the infancy of this website I tried to get involved with the early blog organizations and webrings (kids ask your parents), and was usually rejected because I was filed in so many directories as pornography. That made me mad, of course, and I rejected them right back. Then personal blogging became very popular and normal, and it didn’t really matter anymore that there was a swear word in my url. I don’t know why I didn’t sell out ten years ago and make this my vocation (again with the theme of blind stubbornness), but I think not doing that has saved my life and sanity. It’s wonderful that people read about my life, and I know some of you have for most of this blog’s life. I appreciate you.

I don’t think I will stop now. You’re stuck with watching your own boring Samuel Pepys grow old and die if you want it. Again, thanks.

5 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. I don’t know when I found your website–ten years ago,┬ámaybe?–and I don’t even remember how, but thanks for writing about your life online. Some of it has been laugh-out-loud funny and some has made me sad and some has been informative and fun, like Victorian cooking or How To Keep Chickens Alive. You may think it’s been weird and somewhat stupid, but I’m glad you’ve chosen to do it.

  2. I think I’ve been reading for 12ish years, maybe a little longer. I remember when you introduced me to “Fuck the pain away” by Peaches and the mystery of PNW trash and recycling dealings that seems so foreign to a south Texan. We follow each other on Instagram now, which is still like having a celebrity see my therapy dog posts. I can’t offer any words of wisdom but please know that someone empathizes your motherly pain.

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