About Asshole

My name is SJ and I live in Seattle. I am trained as a librarian, but I would rather have my nails peeled off than work as one. HA HA HA, my job title is now officially “librarian” as of 2012. I am such a h8er.

I am always looking for lumps in all the wrong places, and when I am not doing that I am cooking, gardening, eating, or chasing the dragon (See Below).

I have been blogging since September 9, 2001. In that time I have finished college, grad school, had a terrible divorce, had another kid, and all I got were these lousy trackbacks. Drop me an email if you like; you won’t be sorry, until you discover I have invented email-transmitted STDs.



email: sj at this domain

Critical Acclaim!


-A Fan!

“Needs more therapy.”

“Doesn’t act like family.”

-My family!

“I am sick and tired of living in the Age of the Asshole.”

-Roy Blount, Jr.!

Pool’s Closed Due to Ads: Dear Hopeful Advertisers. Dear dear dear Advertisers. I knew years ago, when the first blog ads were invented, I would never get a piece of that sweet action. Why? I hear you ask. It’s simple. I think they’re ugly as fuck, for one. I have better ways to annoy my readers.

For TWO I have decided that this site is best used as a vehicle for getting me laid. So until your blogads can don a Nazi uniform, slap me on the ass, and call me Hortense, I DNW.