In Which SJ Loses Many IQ Points


Ho ho ho. So my sister scored the cherriest fucking job-shadow of all time…Calvin Johnson.

Okay, I know, for those of you outside the Greater Puget Sound Area (and to many within it) that name probably means nothing.

Calvin is this local rock star, d-i-y guy. He has been making music since the early 1980’s and has his own record label, which Beck’s third album came out on. He went to Evergreen State College, which is this fantastic hippie land where they don’t believe in ridiculousness such as “prerequisite classes” and “grades.”

My sister stalked him last summer by going to every all-ages show he put on, and guess who drove her? By the third one, I was standing outside…it was too much Calvin for me to handle.

She’s meeting him down in Olympia on the 17th and she’s only 15 and needs a chaparone…it’s me, of course. I couldn’t let our mom louse this up. It should be really fun. She’s going to job-shadow a minor rock star. I am related to such a genius. I probably would have cold-called an accountant or something, if I was still her age.

I was way into his twee strummy rock as well as his experiments in dub when I was 18 or so. I still appreciate what he does, but I know I won’t go all ass over teakettle when I meet him. Now if it was Jake Gyllenhaal…I’d be TOTALLY worthless.

9 thoughts on “In Which SJ Loses Many IQ Points

  1. A job-shadow is this dumb thing that often happens to kids in the American public school system. It’s part of the whole brain-washy school-to-work thing…you know, you should have your career track selected by the time you’re ten. >:(

  2. if that were the case i’d be a puppeteer. hmm. come to think of it, that might be more enjoyable than my real job.

  3. So what, a job-shadow is like an “internship”, but we wouldn’t want anyone mistakenly thinking they could put it on their resume?

  4. Sorry, y’all are talking about career paths and public school and the Leaders Of The Future and I’m over at the Jake Gyllenhaal website being freaked out by the photos. The pictures under the menu bar change when you move your cursor over them, and the first two change to images remarkably similar to the un-cursored image next to them.

    Use your mouse to bounce the cursor between the first two photos, and watch the dancing heads of Jake Gyllenhaal!

  5. You are such a good big sister…I tried to be a good big sister but my one problem was trying to preserve my little sisters’ virginity until their thirties, not letting them smoke or smoke pot and generally being bossy about everything and therefore hypocritical. I failed on all counts…although they still love me. My ‘job shadow’ was following them around like a sheepdog and biting anyone who came near them. You sound much cooler—you protect but support.

  6. I got what you meant by ‘job-shadow’ instantly, even though it’s also called ‘work experience’ here in good ol’ Blighty.

    My work experience (when I was 15 or so) was working in the architects’ open-plan, in-the-roof offices of the local council. It was good. Sometimes I got to work in the basement – alone! (I think it was a sort of bomb shelter type part of the building, but, for some, unknown reason, had a snooker table in it. (My home town also has its own religious cult. And a three-story nuclear bunker.))

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