Minutiae, Hair-Did, and Peeping Tamaras

Part One: Minutiae

Man, I’ve been going to bed early lately, and getting up early, too. Part of me rebels against this, since it is something I associate with my mother. I always hated being greeted with, “I’ve been up for FIVE HOURS and I’ve cleaned the house, sorted all my recipe cards, and updated the address book. Woo!”

(I’m not sure why, but whenever my sister and I do my mom, we always throw a really dippy “woo!” on at the end. I think it’s because my mom is one of those people who gets crazily enthusiastic about the most inane stuff. I will have to ask my sister about that.)

But I digress….I was going on about how annoying it is to be greeted with someone’s accomplishments, when you know that all you’re going to do that day is get dressed, maybe. So now I am getting up at six-thirty, but I will never tell anyone how much research I did, or how many pages I wrote. Cause no one cares about my own goddam boring-ass minutiae like I do.

I am telling myself, so I don’t forget. Life is all about not driving people away…unless you want to, I guess.

Part Two: Pretty Princess SJ

It may be hard to tell from the blogathon photos, but my hair is getting so long and heavy that it is morphing, terrifyingly, into rocker hair. To be more precise, I think I am starting to look like one of those hesher girls. It’s the best in the morning when I wake up and I look all 1960’s B-movie actress, because it is so fried it sticks up without product.

In other words, Baby needs a haircut. So I’ve got these long layers that start past my chin and end up past my shoulders, and bangs that can be pulled down past my eyes. They have turned back into Eurobangs that I can do nothing with but clip back, or tolerate.

But the real point is what color eyes go with orange and pink hair? I am getting contacts in a couple of weeks and u betcha I’m going unnatural. Not Marilyn Manson stylee, just green or gray or purple, or maybe even brown. Not like the-ocean-threw-up blue that they are now.

I just had a thought…or maybe I could just start washing my hair at night, and wake up and throw on some Jackie O. glasses…. Combs are for suckers. SUCKERS!

Part Three: New Neighbors

I was brushing my teeth last night and talking to Mr. Husband.

“The new neighbors leave their shades open all day,” I said. The old neighbors had closed the shades that faced our house, and we often did too. It was too easy to see in to our houses.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. I really realized it today when I was sitting on the couch, popping a zit on my chin. There was the neighbor lady, looking out her window and right at me.”


“And then she frowned and closed the shade!”

“Are you sure she frowned?” Mr. Husband asked.

“Well, if I could see that far, I bet I could have seen her frowning.”


“Like she never popped a zit!” I said.

“She’s popped a zit,” Mr. Husband said, tiredly.

Lucky Mr. Husband! What a catch I am.

5 thoughts on “Minutiae, Hair-Did, and Peeping Tamaras

  1. I reckon purple contacts would look pretty grouse with your orange hair. And if you went pink again, then they’d still look good. But green’s always good. good good grouse good. shaddup, monkey.

  2. either that or those freaky contacts they wear in zombie movies to make their eyes glow crazy yellow-green.
    (m. jackson thriller)

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