Thanks-Tastic!, or, I’m Going Places, Fuckers, So Get Out The Way

After 7 years of family dooooty, I am giving myself this Thanksgiving off. Mr. Husband’s family got their acts together late this year, so I already said yes to another invite.

I am going to go over to my very delightful friend’s house and drink alarming quantities of raspberry-vodka punch. Then I am going to lay on her couch and talk to people I am not related to via marriage.

Tonight I am going to write my first draft of my CV, because I asked the first professor on my list to write me a recommendation for the PhDude program and he said “yes,” with no reservations…he just needs my CV.

Also, currently, the U’s Human Subjects Division likes me and my research application, so I may just get passed my Xmas. Best xmas present ever! I am going to frame that letter.

Booze+first drafts+Human Subjects love= Happy SJ

Happy Fangsgiving to you, too.

16 thoughts on “Thanks-Tastic!, or, I’m Going Places, Fuckers, So Get Out The Way

  1. That’s SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!

    Go SJ! Go SJ! Go SJ!

    By the way, you’ll also have some of my fabulous Gloog to drink! Hallucinations, here they come!!!!

  2. Yeah! Glad you escaped. I did not fully escape (went to resort kind of place with in law parents) but did better than I could have (entire Husband family, travel hundreds of miles, return exhausted) or than I will again.

    Enjoy your freedom.

    And cool! You’ll be a Ph.Dude. Right on. Dr. SJ.

  3. my husband has 3 siblings…. his parents will have been married 50 years this december…. his older sister has booked a sit-down dinner for them (without asking us about it first) … its 3500 dollars /faint……. and has informed us it will be 875 dollars per sibling by the 21st of this month… we were just informed of this last week… all i can say is WTF???

    im not a great writer so thank you for reading this and somehow i do feel kind of better..

  4. Gratz to you SJ ( I cut off those who annoyed the fekk out of me years ago, and am much happier for it-year round)

    Suz… ever consider getting malaria? And fast.

  5. Yeah, yeah, happy happy happy (no, really). But how ’bout scattering some largesse to the populace in the form of another entry?

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