Gettin That Money

Whoa I am so sick. I slept through half of Christmas. Due to some scheduling problems that were beyond my control, I am home alone with Strudel today, trying to work, and trying to keep her happy. Her father was supposed to be with her, but his vacation got shifted–and here we are. No one’s fault. I was raised by a television and I did fine (quiet, you) but I hate neglecting her all day. I think it’s going to be a laptop movie day.

My head feels like a balloon on a string, I am eating when I remember to, and it hurts to breathe. Franny told me it was “the most boring vacation ever” because I inconvenienced her by not being able to take her out for the second half. The only perk here is that I am having really weird dreams when I am able to sleep. And how was YOUR Christmas?

5 thoughts on “Gettin That Money

  1. Sorry you are sick AND working AND have a kid to take care of. My Christmas involved a morning swim in a lagoon with the kids and a late, cold lunch. And my kids are too young to give me a hard time about my holiday entertainment program, so that’s a win. Thanks for another year of interesting writing (and the introduction to offal).

  2. Tristan and Piper prefer the company of Diego and Dora to their mother. Sometimes this is rather okay with me.

    My Christmas spent with the missus and the chitlins was pretty good. Tristan found and opened his presents early so most of it wasn’t a surprise but he was pleased nonetheless.

  3. Girl, I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well at Christmas. I hope that didn’t interfere with the visit from Christmas Steve!! And if not, what did the girls get this year? I hope it was good. (If he had come to my house, I would have hoped for a sink strainer.)

    And how are the kittehs??? ZOMG, three new beings in the house. It must be pretty, pretty, pretty exciting.

    OK, here’s to a fabu new year for all of us. I wish you and P many good tidings.


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