Monkey Science!

“So, um, does anyone have questions about this model?”

The professor was lecturing about a paper he’d written, always an awkward situation, because if you think the ideas are ass you can’t say as much. We shifted around and waited for the break.

“Let’s talk about future models, then, okay? We have to keep working on reference service theory, or we won’t be able to teach this at a university level, right? Ha, ha.”


Later, at the coffee cart:

Me: Dude, did you hear what he said about theories? That’s supposed to remain unspoken.

Friend: Yeah.

Me: I’m turning him in. He’s giving away the game.

Friend: I know it.

Monkey science! Must…escape…graduate…school.

In Other News

Crazy snaps to Miel, who just popped sprog and is being alarmingly understated about the whole thing. I flailed around like a wounded howler monkey in my first few weeks, like Dooce was. I wish more geniouses in this world would have children.

5 thoughts on “Monkey Science!

  1. Wounded howler monkey. Damn you…I wish I’d thought of that delightfully descriptive term to explain the first 7-14 days alone with my baby.

  2. Heh, read that (“popped sprog”)and the image of little mogwi popping off of gizmo in the movie “Gremlins” keeps sticking into my head

  3. Hey girl, I was at work the other day talking to some of my co-peeps, and I mentioned your blog. It seems she’s an avid reader as well, word to ya mutha. I just thought that was pretty cool.

  4. Jayson: that rules! My hostess told me a few months ago that she randomly ran into a guy in a bar in Scotland who’s a fan as well.

    All Scots are encouraged to apply for the position of “Next Mr. Husband.”

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