Your Tax Dollars at Work

Information I have provided to Child Support Services to modify my order for $0 in child support, March-June:

Social Security Number
All of the above for both of my children
Current wages
Current pay stubs
Tax returns for 2009 & 2010
All monthly expenses, including rent, utilities, food, other spending
My net worth, including property, vehicles, savings, student loan debt, credit card debt
Medical insurance coverage information for me and Franny

Information I have provided to the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Child Support Division, June-present:

Written proof of business income, including a profit/loss statement for 2011
Copies of my bank statements for the past 6 months
A written declaration (signed under penalty of perjury) describing how provisions of the current parenting plan were changed in August 2008
Any other signed agreements related to parenting
W-2s for 2009 and 2010
Written proof of the child’s health insurance and cost per month

And this is so they can calculate how much is owed. What I presume will happen next is that an amount will be set, he will protest it, and it will go to a hearing, which might be in another 6-9 months. WHEEE!

The good news is that I’m on pretty friendly terms with the prosecuting attorney’s office now. “Hey guys, it’s SJ again. Having a little trouble reading this handwritten post script. If you could give me a ting a ling back when you have a mo that would be swell, K, bye!” We are keeping my letter carrier very busy.

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  1. TONS of work, I hope it gains the result you wish. I wouldn’t know where to put my hand on half of that crap

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