Thirty-five dollars and a six-pack to my name

So what happened in April is that I had a new baby. Okay, I did not HAVE it. Someone else did. That is complete hyperbole. TSK TSK SHAAAME. But between getting up twice a night and having laserlike focus on the ground level, kind of like having a toddler, I have been TIRED. Also I started a new..wait for it…job. But at this one my status is FTE. Fancy that, I am not a contractor now. Anyway, boring.

Complete and utter gormlessness. That’s not true. Horace is a good boy! WHOOOOO’S A GOOD BOY? AND WHOOOO’S going to be a calendar someday! Monetize the canine! J/K, that’s gross.

I have a lot to tell you, but I imagine it’s best to let it out in dribs and drabs like this is less of a blog and more like some kind of fistula.

Asshole Girl

11 thoughts on “Thirty-five dollars and a six-pack to my name

  1. I’m guessing that’s a Strudel egg. ;p
    Also Horace is gorgeous, I love his blue eye. I would have probably gone for the obvious and named him “Bowie” because I’m clever like that.
    Miss you!

  2. Well, that there is a sufficiently cute reason for your absence. Can’t wait to read the dribs and drabs. Who’s a good boy who’ll lick up all the dribs and drabs? Whoooo? HORACE, THAT’S WHO!

  3. If it weren’t for Twitter, I would have thought you shriveled up and blew away.

    Glad to see you back

  4. Spent the rest on beer, so who’s to blame?

    You yet live! I am glad.
    Very adorable canine you’ve got there.

  5. I do live and I owe you an email! I like the pic you sent. Kudos to your new project!!

  6. Cute. Check out – seriously do the puppy kindergarten – totally worth it.

  7. Thanks, we’re already in a good one, I think! It’s more about how to act around other dogs than training, because he’s pretty smart and really biddable. Last weekend I trained him to ding a bell by the door when he has to pee because I live in a split level and cannot see the door, and the class is still working on sit and down. heh.

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