10 thoughts on “Worst. Day. EVAR.

  1. Oh noes.

    Never mind buddy, they just get you into trouble anyway.

    The red blue eye thing looks pretty unusual, to say the least.

  2. It’s all fun and games until someone is in a cone!
    Poor Horace! How was he after surgery? We were told not to “let” Sully run, jump, play, go upstairs, get in water….basically everything that he does every day. There was no stopping him.

  3. Oh SAME. There was one day of grogginess, which was a nice respite, then it was back to chasing Goethe every fucking where. Missed you in the clubhaus today!

  4. Oh MAN I asked my vet about Neuticles and he said “that’s more of a Miami Beach thing.” He had never installed them. looool

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