Humorless Mom: 0, Franny: 0, Strudel: 42?

Franny: Mom, do you think pineapple is a “pimp” fragrance?

Me: Honey, when you get home we need to talk about your use of the word pimp.

Franny: Oh I don’t like talks.

Me: Well, I don’t like you being ignorant.

Franny: What does ignorant mean?

Me: (Spits tea back into cup.)

Strudel: I am looking up PIMP in the dictionary!

Me: You should look up “ignorant.”

Strudel: (Frowns) I know what that means.

7 thoughts on “Humorless Mom: 0, Franny: 0, Strudel: 42?

  1. While this is not the point, I’ve adopted “Oh, I don’t like talks” into my arsenal of snappy comebacks.

  2. It’s good that way, but the way she said it was more despondent. Which also made me laugh.

  3. Where can one find pineapple fragrance? Does Demeter have it?

    Also, what is the meaning of pimp in the sense of fragrance?

    Plus, Strudel for Pres.

  4. I’m back to say I’ve been on a bit of a fragrance bender after I got Luca Turin’s book, The Secret of Scent, from the library. I had to order 6 samples from LuckyScent because I don’t really wear perfume, or haven’t recently, and kind of forgot the smells. Anyhow, I started with a semi-floral round to teach my nose and got jasmine, 2 orange blossoms, lily of the valley, vetiver and tea. Then I had to share with everyone. I was holding the little vials out and encouraging people to “Sniff!”

  5. “Oh, I don’t like talks.” That. Is. Hilarious.

    I’m seriously craving pineapple right now, so a pineapple fragrance sounds divine. Do want.

  6. Your family conversations are awesome as usual.

    Jack Nicholson’s animated face is really giving me the creeps though.

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