Humorless Mom: 0, Franny: 0, Strudel: 42?

Franny: Mom, do you think pineapple is a “pimp” fragrance?

Me: Honey, when you get home we need to talk about your use of the word pimp.

Franny: Oh I don’t like talks.

Me: Well, I don’t like you being ignorant.

Franny: What does ignorant mean?

Me: (Spits tea back into cup.)

Strudel: I am looking up PIMP in the dictionary!

Me: You should look up “ignorant.”

Strudel: (Frowns) I know what that means.

7 Responses to “Humorless Mom: 0, Franny: 0, Strudel: 42?”

  1. Halo says:

    While this is not the point, I’ve adopted “Oh, I don’t like talks” into my arsenal of snappy comebacks.

  2. iasshole says:

    It’s good that way, but the way she said it was more despondent. Which also made me laugh.

  3. A says:

    Where can one find pineapple fragrance? Does Demeter have it?

    Also, what is the meaning of pimp in the sense of fragrance?

    Plus, Strudel for Pres.

  4. A says:

    I’m back to say I’ve been on a bit of a fragrance bender after I got Luca Turin’s book, The Secret of Scent, from the library. I had to order 6 samples from LuckyScent because I don’t really wear perfume, or haven’t recently, and kind of forgot the smells. Anyhow, I started with a semi-floral round to teach my nose and got jasmine, 2 orange blossoms, lily of the valley, vetiver and tea. Then I had to share with everyone. I was holding the little vials out and encouraging people to “Sniff!”

  5. jesslla says:

    “Oh, I don’t like talks.” That. Is. Hilarious.

    I’m seriously craving pineapple right now, so a pineapple fragrance sounds divine. Do want.

  6. ozma says:

    Yeah, no talks thanks! Oh, Strudel.

  7. Lasky says:

    Your family conversations are awesome as usual.

    Jack Nicholson’s animated face is really giving me the creeps though.