Report From Lone Pine Mall

It’s the first day of school. The video cuts off since my camera is still full of vacation pictures, but suffice it to say I carried on with the wakening.

As soon as Franny popped up, before she even had a glass of water, she told me about a dream she had about Kyle MacLachlan who was looking at a dead lady on a table and then she melted into cheese. Strudel has a nervous stomach ache.

5 thoughts on “Report From Lone Pine Mall

  1. Ditto what Allison said (although I’m just an adjunct). We’re in our second week, and I still react that way every single morning.

  2. 6:38 in the morning??? What the hell is up with that? Does Strudel have a paper route? Learn from me kids, sleep in the clothes you’ll be wearing the next day and it only takes ten minutes to be up and on your way.

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