I just found a summary of my brain

On something called Tweetails. This app sifted out my most used words. I have not been tweeting much this year in my desire to be less chained to my phone, but I have been tweeting for quite a while now. Maybe I will get back to it when I recover, since I don’t want to be sick on twitter. So annoying. Almost as annoying as SICK BLOGGING.

I will update on the mess that is my immune system after I go to the doctor this afternoon.

In conclusion,

OMG fucking cheese butt

One thought on “I just found a summary of my brain

  1. My tweetails reflect that tumblr autoposts to twitter, because “photoset” is my most used word. Other frequently used words:
    Ossi (I was livetweeting a silent film about cross dressing, ossi is a character’s name)

    I hope you feel better soon. I had the flu & am going to the doctor tomorrow to see if I now have bronchitis/pneumonia/strep throat/an ear infection/bubonic plague/etc.

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