Butterscotch Stallion Rides Again

Well HEY HO there was a package on my porch last night!

This is called shopping clearance at 3 a.m. on Vicodin and Atavan. And some other stuff, because YOLO. Unlike 98% of the unflattering, bizarre shit I own, this is a New Thing and it’s stiff and looks weird (in a new thing way, ok, I recognize the irony of this statement). I don’t think I’m going to be allowed to sleep in it until it stains with my body oils and softens, so I had better find a rock pile to roll on. This coat actually looks GREAT on Strudel’s dad but he refuses to wear it. I DON’T GET HIM, I REALLY DON’T. He is in the new shower right now, being commanded to test it out (not pictured).

I would have taken a better picture, but a. this is what my face looks like (HA HA, hashtage “awkward”) also b. the carbon monoxide detector started going off because I didn’t charge the batteries enough. Also I woke up at 4 a.m. I am pretty okay mostly but still feeling a little weird. This is a record of that weirdness for later, since I can’t remember anything.

This is currently what it’s doing outside (raining):

Inside the forecast is, “Every picture is going to be blocked by a Cavalier because then you are looking at and thinking about a Cavalier and perhaps some cheese would really work a treat right now.”

Great weather for suede coats. Looking for backalley B-12 shot today, but will settle for Dick’s cheeseburger.

6 thoughts on “Butterscotch Stallion Rides Again

  1. I realllllly like this coat. I had a similar styled coat in brown thin corduroy without fringe that had been my Uncle Jimmy’s that I wore throughout late high school and early college. It was too big for me, but I loved and wore the shit out of that coat.

    If nothing else, now you can cosplay Calamity Jane.

    Have you had a B-12 shot before? When I was in Guadalajara they were all the rage with this group of ex-pats, but I am a wuss about shots in the ass.

    I’m 36 and I concur that it’s a grind.

  2. To be perfectly honest, my initial thought was “oh, she’s showing off her new camera! while wearing a fringe-y jacket!” because I just assumed you already owned a jacket like that.

  3. A: Good idea on the Calamity Jane tip. I have NOT had a B-12 shot and the reality is that I am experiencing doctor fatigue at the moment, shockingly. I see I can run off to a dodgy “medispa” and get one too but I am going for MEETS right now, in my face. I think the Prenisone is still causing some of this fog, so I will wait to see how I feel in a couple of weeks when I am fully tapered off.

    Mostly I am liking mid/late 30s so far. I am just astounded by my utter lack of time. I thought this might change as the girls got older, but it’s just morphing into other concerns.

    Brigid: Ha! It makes sense somehow. I’ve been trying them on in vintage stores for years and then sensibly putting it back. This will be the Official Coat of the El Camino. And thanks for the B-12 reminder in the last post. The funny thing about brain fog is that you forgot what may fix you.

    TsDott: Thanks! I whacked when I got back home from vacation last month, since it was so fried after swimming. It’s okay. I think I am going to leave off with dyeing it for a bit and try to grow it out, which I was trying to do before I killed it…

  4. It takes longer to build up in your system, but I take a B-multi that also has C in it. Bonus: it’s got folic acid in case I get knocked up. If I stop taking it for a week or two (godddddddd do I hate taking pills) I start getting a bit of brain fog. I have an old person pill box sitting on top of the microwave. sigh. SIGH.

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