Disgusting dinners

Strudel hath attended another recital. She survived, though it was a close thing. I guess the other parents are nicer (natch) because she was probably one of the most together kids.

She did very well. I am sure it’s going to be her turn at some point to majorly fuck up, but it did not happen Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Disgusting dinners

  1. SJ, they both look amazing. Franny is so tall!!

    On a completely unrelated note, a friend of mine just moved from the DC area to Seattle and is completely miserable. She also drives an El Camino. So if you see a short, sad, busty girl in an El Camino, wave hello for me. Or flip her off, depending on your mood. ;)

  2. Oh, your poor friend. It is always nice to see a lady behind the wheel of an Elco. Mine’s got a dead battery and a jumper on the way. Whoops.

    And thanks, the girls are pretty amazing right now. Much healthier!!

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