Hello to Sring*

* The infamous “sring” cake in all its glory.

Busy weekend, and busy past couple of weeks. I guess I should start with Easter. What happened? Not much. I decided to see what would happen if I followed the recommended advice and set aside eggs in the back of the fridge for a couple of weeks. I was very surprised I was coordinated enough to remember to do this! As expected, the air bubble was bigger and they were easier to peel. Whoopie. Cross another one off the bucket list, I suppose.

Sometimes I like to show off my eggs because they turn out cool, but this year they were kind of a hash. I bought discounted egg dye kits a couple of years ago after the holiday (tie dye, marble, and glitter) and they were kind of lame! Next I think we will go back to feats with ordinary dye. These eggs were quickly ushered into an egg salad made with spicy chipotle mayo.

Other than dyeing eggs with the girls, and making some nicer dinner since lamb’s on sale and it’s a Sunday, I am wildly inconsistent about Easter. I don’t do a lot of candy because I feel like I have to draw the line somewhere–Easter really isn’t our holiday. But it’s nice to say hello to spring. And baths! Have some bath loot, girls.

I made Franny an Easter basket plate.

And also Strudel.

And then I roasted a lamb leg that I stuffed in part with minced preserved lemons I made in February. I got down to my last one-and-a-half and I sliced some more and added more salt to the jar while I watched part of Going Clear. I know Japanese pickles can be done in an “endless” way like this so we’ll see if the same is true of lemons. Between the acid in the salt I doubt I’m breeding new life forms in there. And it is FUN to dig around in a salty lemon-oily jar. It’s like beach mad scientist as a kid.

I was a Bisy Backson yesterday in the sense that I did all those things you put off in the week, because enough is enough in one day sometimes. I took Strudel out for a refurbed taller bike, which she named Dr. Krieger.

This will be her last bike before she gets a full-sized one, unless the frame explodes or something. Am I winding down on child ranching or what? There’s a lot of parenting left to do, but I cannot even pretend I have little kids anymore.

I also finished a mini-project last weekend: tagging the trees.

I used 18 tags, and only one of the trees came with the house (the Italian prune). We’ve been busy. To be fair, four tags went on the frankencherry alone.

I wasn’t as helpful with the beehives this weekend as I would have liked. We decided to divide and conquer. I helped where I could (caulk, moral support) and P. just hit it really hard. It was forecasted to rain today (and has) so we tucked them onto the porch for now. Franny is on deck to paint when it clears up a little later this week.

I ran out of caulk so I’ve not quite finished the roofs.

Hello have you heard the good news about beehives

This Saturday we’re going to pick up two packages of Italians and then bring them home and dump them into the boxes. I know people have done this thousands of times, but it still sounds bizarre. I will bring my camera so I can capture the site of a truck full of bees (I hope).

Franny has been in fine form lately. She was in a great mood on Sunday and decided to dawdle some before cleaning out the chicken coop by giving the dogs rides. Poor Edith was tiny terrified until Horace joined her.

Horace joins the fun.

Bonus party trick.

2 thoughts on “Hello to Sring*

  1. Yippee for Sring!

    I’ma have to hear how that leg of lamb turned out with the preserved lemons. Did you use just the preserved lemons? Any garlic? I am a lambatarian, too.

  2. Hey! Oh god yes garlic. I bought like three roasts right before passover, ha ha. Two are in the freezer.

    I based my rub on this: http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2013/12/slow-roasted-lamb-garlic-anchovy-lemon-rosemary-food-lab-recipe.html I highly recommend this technique.

    Very into the reverse sear now. I used what I had on hand: garlic, those weenie onions they like to call “spring” onions that I cannot resist, some backyard rosemary and oregano, I think dried gujillo (I am bad at labeling my bulk bin spices sometimes) and then I was like “lemon zest EH” and went for about half of a preserved lemon minced super finely. There is something about preserved lemon…it gets weirdly floral. I love it. Then I hogtied it all with kitchen twine. 8 lbs for about 3 hours I think…and I just used the last of it in a mega shepherd’s pie last night that contained chicken and cubed chickpea flatbread (kind of like seitan). If there’s one thing I learned from the Victorians, it’s if one meat is better, then put all of them, including that orphan you found hiding in the scullery for warmth.

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