Thank you everyone for your kind words yesterday! I do appreciate it. I think I’ve gotten over the shock now. ZING!

I fell into the “fuckit bucket” with finding safe candy for the girls’ stockings, so I’m just making candy. I started with gummy bears.

I’ve made some peanut butter cups as well. No pics yet! I got really sticky after they were done, but I will snap them.

I got Pete to print off a Xmas angel at the last minute. I don’t think we even had one last year! So tired.

Today we cleaned the house top to bottom. Literally–I was running around with a cloth looped through the end of the broom handle, shining a flashlight into corners and getting cobwebs. I cleaned the chandelier, which is usually a biannual chore.

I also got a new set of lights because I had fabricated a memory that the old star lights had died. ??? Ok brain. I think I just wanted new lights maybe? I felt kind of guilty because usually I keep things for like 55 years. Everything’s ready for tomorrow. Cooking pictures to come!

2 thoughts on “Gummibärchen

  1. Hey! I’m late to the party but CONGRATULATIONS! Following your adventures on this journey to a unionized skilled trade has honestly been exhilarating. I have been telling my husband about it periodically and we are both super inspired by your example of just identifying something really different to do, and then actually figuring out how to do it. It’s so empowering and I hope you feel so proud!!!! Can’t wait to read more about wiring.

  2. Thank you thank you! I’m sure sometimes it’s going to be very hard and disheartening and boring, but a lot better than the path I was on (considering office work or MORE college, no thank you). As I’ve mentioned my thought process was “I want to stand, move, think, and be outside.” BRINGO. :)

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