Vote or I Will Come to Your House and Leave Toof Marks in Your Butter

UPFUCKINGDATE! 9/6: After I made this post, Blogpoll shit the bed on me. So I posted a new poll. You guys! So game. At first I was reading the comments and I thought you had all been sniffing paint fumes or something, which is enjoyable. And then I realized you were actually trying to guess what I wanted. So PLZ take the poll, below the pics!

Your opinionz, PLZ show me them. You can’t hurt my feelings. This is just a friendly wager. More explaining after I am done polling.

Please try to ignore the tawdry tights; they were all I could find. No, they don’t look better IRL. No, I don’t know why I was in love with them last fall.



Gratuitous commentary can be reposited in the usual repository.

30 thoughts on “Vote or I Will Come to Your House and Leave Toof Marks in Your Butter

  1. Fingermarks in the butter are better than toothmarks. I learned that from Marlon Brando.

    I like the way the red carpet brings out the red buckle.

    I’m not feeling the shoes with the skirt. It might be the tights, and it may be just that I don’t like denim skirts much in the first place, but I think it’s that you are slammin’, and this outfit is not.

  2. You live near Aurora, right?

    I love the shoes, but am more of a Chucks with denim skirt girl, myself. What I mean to say is, your shoes wanna go fancy dancing and your skirt wants to play pool or read comix. Good thing they’re separated by your legs or they might have a fight.

  3. I agree with Tricia and Anne, not sure if the skirt and shoes are working together, but seperately they’re dead foxy. And i like those tawdry tights!

    (is that your chicago pedi? i’m still stringing mine out, hehehe :)

  4. Wait, what are we voting on? Is there a choice between two (or more) things? Or you just want our opinions? I like what Tricia “said” about your skirt and shoes, but I think the stockings are my favorite part. And the red buckle.

    That isn’t what you wanted to hear, is it?

  5. Yes I agree, shoes not with skirt, but skirt as skirt and shoes as shoes- SPECTACULAR! I actually have those shoes…and love them…so if I said anything but good things about them I’d be insulting my own taste…and that cannot be! :)

  6. Oooooo ‘cept mine don’t have the red buckle…hmmmm…yer shoes one up my shoes…I must now decorate my buckles…

  7. I think the tights are all right with the shoes, but they need a shiny black skirt to pull the whole thing together. That way, the detail on the tights would look more like trees from a Chinese landscape painting. With the gray denim skirt, the tights just look like they have a fancy run in them. I think that’s the only reason those tights are questionable; you have to be dressed up around them for the design to appear done on purpose.

  8. Oh! It’s not about the tights. Okay, no, the shoes and skirt don’t go together. It’s classy vs. funky and nobody wins. Certainly not the tights.

  9. 1. I like the tights. (And I like them with that skirt.)
    2. I like the skirt.
    3. Your legs are hawt.
    4. I don’t like the shoes with the skirt and tights. I agree that they would look better with a fancier outfit. And I think I would like them without any tights at all. They are cute, and their cuteness (especially the ankle strap) gets lost against the monotone created by the tights. I hate to say this, but how do you feel about leggings? If you wanted to dress them down, they might look really cute with some calf-length black leggings. (What can I say, I’m a child of the 80s, and I embrace the leggings.)

  10. The shoes and skirt ALMOST match, which is not good.

    How about Swedish clogs with the skirt?

    Still not sure about the shoes–there’s something disturbingly bridesmaid-ey about them . . .

    No offense, but the nylons look like something Eddy Izzard would want to be buried in.

    Your legs, however, get a 10 out of 10.

  11. The skirt is hot, I am not too crazy about the shoes, but both together is a hell to the no. You have great gams, though, so I think its all about looking for a different set of heels, or you could even match it up with one of those cute flats that are all the rage right now. The stockings are not my thing, although more than once I have fallen for the “oh these look so cool” and then when I get home I’m like, “Oh noes, what have i done?”. It kind of looks like fungus crawling up your leg.

    P.s. My fashion sense is nil, fyi.

  12. LMAO at all comments so far.
    I think I’d wear my Cons with that skirt, I’d wear a knee-length A-line with those shoes, but together the two make not the pretty.

  13. These comments are rather rofflely. I hope the original commenters come back and vote. Poor confused peeps.

  14. The elements themselves have merits, I guess, but the ensemble is not working for me at all.
    I dislike the shoes, because I hate heels on principle, but maybe I am biased, like, oh, I don’t know, YOUR FISH POLL.

  15. Laughing at the very idea of SJ in clogs. I also do not like the shoes and skirt together. The skirt needs some serious boots.

  16. You have the kind of legs that could make a bishop kick out a stained glass window. Those legs deserve better than the combination of those shoes and that skirt.

  17. they are too grey! they are having a grey lizard-lady party on top of your legs! it’s 1983 already with the stonewashed denim. we can accept that part. but only with different shoes.

    wear the shoes with slutty tight jeans instead.

  18. Just reasserting my fashion-ness. I could see SJ being fierce in clogs–however, I could totally dig boots as even a preferable alternative, and sorry to say I didn’t think of it first. High-five to Halo. Ya gotz me on the look.

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