18 thoughts on “Very Srs Poll Business

  1. I voted yes, but usually I dive for a newspaper to throw under him so he can just hork onto that, and then I can dispose of it easily. Yay!

  2. I find that picking them up and moving them seems to stop them vomiting about half the time. Perhaps puking doesn’t seem worth it to the little bastards if they know it won’t be hard to clean up? One can’t underestimate the cantankerousness of those creatures.

  3. I second the newspaper idea, but I do move them if there’s no paper within reach. I feel bad while I do it, though. But I hate cat puke. Hate it.

  4. I can’t vote, because there’s no option that says “No, I’d like to keep my skin and not have it scratched off, thanks all the same.” So I go along with the newspaper people.

  5. My cat is a spontaneous sneak-puker, so I *would* move her if I could find her in time. The last time it happened, I *should* have just throttled her, because one minute she was lounging on the arm of the couch, the next she was puking down the arm onto the carpet. *grrrr*

  6. Our current cats attempt to be polite by puking near a litterbox or toilet so the puke usually ends up on a launderable rug. They are masters of the stealth puke, as well, so I’ve only seen them do it twice. I have moved cats in the past though, so that’s how I voted.

  7. When I see my dog start to dry heave, I shove a wastebasket in front of her and she pukes in that.

  8. When I had a cat, yes, I’d grab her and throw her outside if I had time. Or just hold her over the sink. Or put her on the tiled floor. It was usually a sign that she needed her hairball goop. Poor cat!

  9. The one time I grabbed my cat mid-spew to move him to the kitchen, it became projectile barf and sprayed in a pretty orange arc in a semi-circle around us. Plus, he ‘Ginsu Claws of Doom’ attacked me from wrist to elbow.
    Therefore, I now clean it where it lies.

  10. I moved one of our cats frequently enough that he started moving himself onto the tile. He’s considerate like that.

    I highly recomend the Max Cat hairball formula food. When we feed the gang that food we have many fewer hairballs compared to the regular Max Cat formula. Even though we have two long-haired cats and a third that likes to eat my hip-length hair.

  11. Yknow, thought of you and this poll last nite as my pooch harfed up about two cups of frothy egg yolk-yellow substance. First two times I missed and she got the carpet, then stood there with a yellow moustache and that “ooooh don’t feel so good look”. Third and fourth heaves I picked her up and put her on the tile. Success! Much easier to clean! Especially because I was standing next to her hoarking as I cleaned.

  12. Throw ’em in the tub. Then if they stop horking while moving, close the stall door until they finish their business. Then scritches and pettings.

    I am cruel, yet fair.

  13. I move him if he’ll let me, he has puked on the move before! At least cat puke doesn’t smell like human puke!

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