Monkeychow IN!

O hay guyz, I have been meaning to tell you that I have a story in this book now. It’s for a good, charitable cause, so don’t worry about the filthy lucre going into my misappropriating mitts to be spent on thigh-high Jessica Simpson boots. Buy for xmas, or I will leave toothmarks in your butter.

FURTHERMOAR, I have been looking for a way to raise some quick dosh for a…how can I say this? ….legal fund (that was hard to type), and I was thinking about collecting unpublished short stories via lulu.

Anyone worked with lulu? Feedbacks? Would you give me money for words and feel like that was a fair trade? Real short stories…not just blob entries, I swear.

And so ends my moment of patheticness for this morning.


Totie Fields

15 thoughts on “Monkeychow IN!

  1. One of the biggie library bloggers (Walt Crawford) published a few books on Lulu and I remember him posting about how nice the paper quality is.

    Of COURSE I think you should publish your stories. Do it!

  2. My friends who know about such things say that is the best quality resource currently available.

    I would buy your book. And make my friends buy it, too.

  3. My brilliant officemate who wrote a hilarious novella was going to go with Lulu until he found a local printer (seriously local, around the corner from his house) who did it cheaper, better and quicker. Shop around a bit because although Lulu is okay, it isn’t the only way to do this.

  4. I’m a grad student, and hence super poor, but if I had/have any money, I would/will TOTALLY use it to buy your writings.

  5. I’m down for a couple. I’ve bought from Lulu before and been pleased. It seems a little pricey but I’d expect that for short runs. But if you decide to go with WhatLadder’s idea, you may actually take home more money per book. I doubt that people go hunting in Lulu for books (but maybe they do..). Okay, back to lurking.

  6. Lulu doesn’t really give you much money per book sold. Check around and see if you can find a local printer who can help you out… including kinkos and copy places.

  7. I would totally buy your book! I have to tell you, I just put “pnwd” as my Gmail chat status and felt ridiculously pleased with myself. When my sister-in-law (one of the three people who ever chat me) sees it, I will have the pleasure of pointing her to I, Asshole. Why does that sound dirty. My mind keeps replaying that sentence, with a slight syntactic reversal trying to make its way through the speech corticeseses. Help.

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