Randomata, and Fake Jorbs

Someone in my neighborhood likes Morrissey as much as I do. I can heaaar yoooo. Would it be wrong to knock on every door asking to borrow a cup of angst and pompousness until I found the right house? Probably.

I did not get the job I was gunning for, or any job yet. Dang internal hires. I suppose that was my chance to knock their socks off and pwn the internals, or I can look at it as practice, or I can look at it as I was the token outside interview. Perhaps I will look at it as a ham and brie on a baguette.

Franny’s grandpa called me a couple of days ago. He calls me or I call him maybe a couple of times a year. Earlier he asked if he could send Franny to camp this summer (YES PLZ) and the other day he asked if he could scoop her up and do a Friday night sleep over. He mentioned they hadn’t been seeing her much, now that Franny’s dad moved to an island.

So, YES, that’s news, I am realizing as I’m typing this. After all the back and forth and mediation and moneys last fall, SeaFed just abruptly plopped her on me for most of the time and is taking every other weekend for now til he moves back. Here’s hoping that island life suits him well.

PS, when I started this blog two days before the National Bummer I was very deliberate in my  choice of name. I saw a couple of bloggers hitting that earlier fame jackpot, and I thought, hmm, what if I blow up (ha ha ha)? Which in those days, of course, meant that a lot of people had “hand-coded you into their sidebars” because you were funny, embarrassed/ing, or had staged your own death. This is less snappy than getting “Dugg,” no?

Anyway, I thought I would never run in a publication or that no one would ever take a quote from I, Asshole for newspapers or magazines, but then I was mentioned in Esquire like hump hump no bigs for the July issue, and now my url is in the Houston Chronic thanks to Jenny. Lo and LOL, the geek shall inherit the Earth (and I shall copyeditzor their documents).

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