First Day of School, WOO

Thank god. This summer almost killed me. I now have a third-grader (WTF times infinity) and a little jerk in her second year of the weeuns program. The big one made me get out of bed and dye her hair. Ugh, me and my promises and with the screwing over of my future self. The little one stuck her face in a oriental lily yesterday and got covered in staining pollen. Goo team Insatiable Curiosity!



Two NOM NOM NOM Granola


I have nothing of any substance to say this morning except this has been one of the LONGEST summers of my life, and not in a good way. I’m FREEEE

3 thoughts on “First Day of School, WOO

  1. I can’t let my daughter see this, or she’ll be wanting me to dye her hair and I can barely maintain the upkeep on my own roots nevermind a nine year old’s. Brave Mom, you!

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