Famous Asshole Is Famous

Hey, you may have gathered from commentland (thank you reader Nuclear Daisy) that I got mentioned in July Esquire for Mans in an article by Roy Blount, Jr. I like that Blount, he seems like an affable goofball on “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.” I would love to have that gig. I can bullshit like CRAZY.

I have never actually picked up Esquire for Mans before, and overall it was pretty disappointing. There was an article on OMG, have you noticed skulls are everywhere now in fashion? WHAT. Next you are going to tell me there is a hot new car called the Prius. So, while I am uncertain how I feel about being namechecked in a publication that thinks it’s the Amazing Year 2006, I guess all publicity IS good publicity. Now shop at my store and click my ads.



4 thoughts on “Famous Asshole Is Famous

  1. I am so tempted to set up a database search alert for “asshole” now. My librarian-sense is tingling.

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