Chasin Rainbows, Adrenaline Pumpin

Yesterday was pretty eventful. Making up for my hellride the last time I came down, the universe decided to let my plane land early and the flight was almost empty. I can’t imagine why–perhaps because it’s like forty degrees here. Wow, a place where the weather fails worse than Seattle. Also, where I am, it constantly sounds like people are drag racing outside my room. Kind of weird.

I saw my homie Frida at MOMA yesterday. My internal compass was kind of spinning, so I ended up going kind of out of my way through the Mission and while I was switching albums I started to notice that people around me were weaving and shouting. I heard someone hiss behind me to their companion, “Thursday is they day THEY get their CHECKS.” oic.

Thumbnail image for Thursday 002.jpgFigure 1: Obligatory DOOD MF MOMA shot.

I had some time before they let me into Frida, so I hit Lee Miller. Artgasm!

Then it was time to stuff myself into my dress and go to Guy Kawasaki’s house where Squid and I met Maisnon, who introduced herself in my favorite way ever: “Okay, so I’m kind of your stalker….” She was like Dorothy Parker on the good crack, and possibly slangier than I am, which I didn’t know was possible. Thank satan for outgoing people.

We bounced back from the hotel where I ditched my ridonkulous shoes for some slides, and went to the People’s Party. Several people wanted to meet The Bloggess, who was one of the party’s official hosts.

“Ohhh yeah,” I said dimly. “I heard she’s famous.”

“There she is,” my friend said.

OH, it’s Jenny. I met her on the bus in Chicago on the first day of Blogher last year, when she was a brand new blogger.

Thursday 005.jpgI swear no one was smashed at this party. I’m sure you didn’t notice anything anyway.

Lisa Stone made us contributing editors have circle tiem, which was good, and had a professional photo snap us to make the site shinier.

Here are my boss‘s foots:

Thursday 003.jpgAwesome!

I am on a slow fail craptop and I have to say I hate that MT 4 is making me break to upload pictures. Before it was a popup box and you could keep writing while the picture is uploading. I am still having technical difficulties, so hang in there! Or not. Or, you know, go outside. But not here. Fucking brrr.

My time was well-spent at the close of the night, First Goatseing Gwendomama and FSJ. Don’t worry, I am still trolling even here. Inform our cult leader.

After breakfast, drinking with Squid (it just worked out that way, OKAY?) and seeing this splendid man, who is wisely avoiding Vaginatown.