Mission: Unctuous

Strudel’s dad calls to wish me luck in my interview today.

“Yeah, and I just went to a big meeting with a surprise guest. Guess who?” he said.

“Ugh, I dunno.” I can tell by his voice it was someone sucky.

“Tom Cruise!”


“He was talking about movies and his career, and he was tanking.”


30 thoughts on “Mission: Unctuous

  1. OMG I just realized what famous person you resemble! I have nfc what her name is or what the hell I’ve seen her in, but she looks just like you! Ok, I shouldn’t have put the drink down to use the kb I guess.

  2. But did he talk about the aliens and the laying on of hands and all that. I’d pay to see the Scieno stuff straight from his mouth.

  3. Was he told not to look him in the eye? I heard a rumour when Cruise was filming something in Sydney, people were told not to make eye contact.

  4. I must be miserable today, because first thing I thought of “Was Strudel’s dad calling to wish you good luck, or was he calling to blab his news about Tommy boy?”

    I know, I can keep my negative comments to myself.

    Hope the interview went well, and I hope to hear that you got the job.


  5. How was your interview, dear? ;)

    I suck hardcore at interviewing. My mind goes all blank and I sound like a complete moron. If only I could interview in text form, via instant messenger or something, I’d probably have a 6 figure income. LOL

    I hope you get job! If job is to your liking! Or not, if it’s not! Take that as you will! \:D/

  6. I can keep my negative comments to myself.

    WTF is it with internet divorces where blog commenters get all Oprah audience on a motherfucker? I mean, I guess we all blog so we can get feedback, but jesus.

  7. i just love him.his movie vanilla sky is the best like him.my brother had a lust live with him.and we r pakistani .tom you are a million billion trillion times better than shahrukh khan because he copies you.you are just amazing like no one in universe.

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