Call for Writers/Home Cooks; Dilettantes Preferred

Hello, I am starting a group blog for 2010. It will be a focused project on the subject of cooking a particular cuisine. I will be posting (for certain) weekly the results of my experiments, with pictures added. I may post more often. If you have an interest in cooking and photographing your cooking, writing, and (loosely speaking) Victorian England, this might be for you. You will not be paid, but hey, you cannot get fired, either. You can post weekly (or more) but I hope you will check in monthly at least. Humor’s great, and so is serious historical wankery. Let’s learn something together while we entertain the masses.

Drop me a line for more details if you are interested. I am OOT this weekend, but I will get back to you next week. sj@ this domain. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Call for Writers/Home Cooks; Dilettantes Preferred

  1. hmmmm sounds like something I would be better off reading instead of writing. Looking forward to your new adventure! Have fun on your weekend away.

  2. I am delurking for the first time ever to say that this is actually something I would be interested in doing. I love cooking and taking pictures and I have a fascination with Victorian England. I’d love to hear more about this and to be a contributor.

  3. Ohhh, you have to check out the Victorian Farm series on the BBC! The series has been on TV over here for a while, and I think the most recent episode, about Victorian Christmas, was the last one.

    It’s worth checking out if you can find it (I doubt BBC streams video outside the UK) – it’s something like a reality show that takes place on a working Victorian farm.

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