Gracious What Fresh Rabbit Hole is This

Hello! Thank you for your email inquiries regarding my new cooking blog thing. I appreciate the effort many of you have gone through to create a sort of “application,” which was not necessary, but very nice. We are always so busy I really do want this to be a fun and undaunting project. I will reply to you via email this week. Busy or not, I NEED this project. I am very excite.

I went to Vancouver last weekend. If Canada was a girl, I would take her behind the gym and get her ass pregnant.

In other news, I have a very sick child who has a gluten flare-up plus a flu bug. I spent all day at the Childrens’ Hospital yesterday getting tests and x-rays. Franny is fine, but I am looking forward to getting that final rubber stamp that says “X is wrong with your kid.” Not that it will stop grandparents from stuffing her full of sugar cookies late on a Sunday night. I am thinking of going with “ATTENTION WELL-MEANING FAMILY: Franny is allergic to wheat and will DROP DEAD if you give her a piece of chocolate cake.” The reality is that she misses school, I miss work, and I resent the fuck out of everyone who is not taking this shit seriously, you can die in a fucking fire while I sit up with my kid who is twisting and holding her guts at 2 a.m.

TL;DR: I am busy and you will be hearing from me shortly, all of you, if I do not combust.

xoxo, have a good day/fuck off and die (depending on who you are)

13 thoughts on “Gracious What Fresh Rabbit Hole is This

  1. Poopy pants about Franny. Sorry she’s having a rough time because SOME PEOPLE don’t take the whole gluten thing seriously.

    Also: stealing have a good day/fuck off and die. Too harsh for the workplace? I am thinking NOT TODAY

  2. OH NOES, Franny is allergic to the gluten? DAMN IT. That shit sucks, I don’t have to tell you. Oh, Lordamercy, Lordamercy. So sorry she has to deal with that. A friend’s friend’s daughter has that and they have had the worst time of it — and that’s with everyone on board trying to be extra careful all the time.

    You could move to Europe where they post gluten-content on the menus at fast food restaurants. They’re really taking gluten allergy seriously over there.

  3. I think gluten is one of those allergies that is relatively easy to deal with… provided there aren’t any jerkfaces deciding to not play according to the rules laid out.

  4. I found out a year ago about my issue with flour, it is mentally hard but reasonably easy once you learn where the pitfalls are. Good luck! I am sure you will prevail, a child’s health is so important.

  5. Of course she can have Pizza and fresh hot bread! There are so many alternatives to wheat based breads and they quite nice if you cook them up at home. My mum makes gluten free chocolate chip biscuits and I honestly think they’re much nicer.

    Mitten, if you want some recipes for gluten-free goodness, maybe ask Jolrei? I remember him mentioning something about cooking for his Celiac family.

  6. You know we can’t get pregnant via l’âne. Not too sure a country can get pregnant anyway. Does this mean that you liked it, or just wanted to rape it?

  7. I am going to recommend that your quotation be added to Canada’s official tourism literature immediately.

  8. @Fanny Price: True. Not the bilingualism and the extreme politeness.
    Blogs need threads. My comment has nothing to do with gluten except tangentially

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