So, I Got The P*dophelia Book, How’s Your Day Going?

HELLO NEW VISITORS. Please be warned, I am quoting portions of the book in the comments. THIS MAY BE TRIGGERING for abuse survivors.

Note: I do not condone, agree with, or endorse p*dophilia in any way or form and I find this book reprehensible.

You following the news? A pro-p*edophilia manual/manifesto book is being sold on Amazon, and the internet is, justifiably, shitting itself. There was a review on Amazon that got me thinking:

All of you people chastising Amazon for selling this book….did ANY of you ACTUALLY READ THIS BOOK? Or are you ONLY READING THE TITLE and then jumping the gun because of the title and NOT the CONTENT of the book?

I have seen this kind of argument all over the place today, so I decided to put my money where my mouth was: I paid for it and downloaded it.

There is discussion of “appropriate” sexual activities between minors and adults, including discussion of contraceptives. There are pornographic accounts of sex between minors and adults. The plight of p*dophiles is compared to the plight of the Jews during World War II. There are made up words. It IS a how to, and a how-to-not-get-caught. It is Not Nice at All. I felt queasy after skimming it.

A selection of quotes:

As long as both partners have passed the age or majority, there is no question of p*dophilia. So, a ninety-year-old is not a pedophile if its partner is thirteen and they both live in New Mexico.

Do not imagine that you have been given a mere code of ethics. Instead consider that the nectar of love has been given from the hand of compassion and grace. To this the eye of truth and fairness doth witness. Ponder upon this, O people of vision.

Now you have a brief summary of the crazy. Flame/link away. I will answer questions if you like.

ETA: Author says he has sold one copy. [via Badgermama]

Update, 8:06 p.m.: The book’s URL now is a 404 page.

Update, 12-Nov: I’ve closed comments. Thanks, everyone, for stopping by and commenting. The news cycle has moved on very quickly, as usual, but if anyone has any questions I can be reached as always via email, SJ @ this domain. Thanks again.

64 thoughts on “So, I Got The P*dophelia Book, How’s Your Day Going?

  1. I am glad that Tom and others are finally clarifying the definition of censorship, which has nothing to do with the choice of a private retailer to not sell material (or of outraged consumers to boycott retailers with their wallets), but everything to do with criminalization of speech (to which there are exceptions). We the people have the right to burn books; we don’t want our govt doing it.

  2. Can I just point out that if he weren’t publishing it on Amazon, he would be publishing it somewhere where the world could not see? Right now the author is benefiting from all of you doing his marketing for him. Now every p*dophile will know where to go to find this book–or now that it has been pulled, who to contact to get it. I wonder how long it was sitting quietly on the Amazon Marketplace before all the hooplah started? Nice job, outraged public.

  3. and just so we’re clear, I am not blaming SJ or even the other commenters here. The first person to post a link, to give an outraged diatribe on the internet gave this person the window to the world.

    I do think that Amazon has the right to sell whatever legal material they want. Perhaps we see kitten books are animal porn at some point? Any book with a kitten picture will stir up hate mail and accusations against the seller for choosing to sell such a book. (I am not making light of this situation, I think this book is terrible). My point is that if we start picking and choosing what can be sold it will be only a short time before history books telling of Nazi atrocities and opposing opinions on the Iraq war fall into the fray.

  4. Yes, because a HOW-TO BOOK on FUCKING CHILDREN WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT falls under the same umbrella as a history book or a political opinion book. Or KITTENS. Mustn’t forget the inane kitten post. Did your knee jerk so hard that you hit yourself in the head?

  5. At the library yesterday there was a Veteran’s celebration that happened to have a poster that included a nazi swastica. Several patrons who were not attending the celebration–and knew nothing about it–felt compelled to write comment forms protesting having any nazi symbols in the the library. Free speech is for everyone. Those who write/hang posters and those who don’t agree with the writing/posters.

  6. Amazon sells the Turner Diaries as well:
    For those that don’t know; It’s basically the white nationalists bible. Is that any better or worse than this book? Violent overthrow of the government(s) and oppression of minorities?
    Is advocating sexual violence worse than regular ole kill em dead violence?
    I don’t know, but the first review of Turner is from 1997 I don’t recall hearing any hoopla over them selling that book.
    I agree, if no one cares, then there’s no market, if there’s no market the point is moot.

    Oh, and Badgermama\assman: Lolita is a farce that actually makes fun of how disgusting Humbert Humbert is.
    You should read it.

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  8. You know, if this was a book of pictures of children, some of which are running around (as small kids are wont to do) without a complete outfit on, and the theme of the book is, say, a celebration of family or somesuch… and then someone *finds out* that p*dophiles are getting off on it and demands it be banned…

    Then the kitten post would be meaningful.

    Until then, it’s a straw man argument, and totally sucks.

    There’s a difference between saying “Hey, I’m p*dosexual, and I’m not ashamed. Yes, I get off on the idea of sex with children,” and saying “Here’s how to have sex with children without getting caught, or facing a lighter penalty.” The former is squicky and most of us don’t want to hear it, but maybe if people are able to say such things, it’ll be easier for them to get help. The latter is telling people how to break the law and victimize children in the way that is the safest for them.

    It’s not kittens. It’s not even SEX with kittens.

  9. I am getting huge lulz over all these people invoking Nabokov who don’t know a goddamn thing about his most-famous tome. /lit nerd

    Kittens! Godwin’s law! Ped0 outrage! This comment thread’s got it ALL!

  10. I have a tired and am going to close this tomorrow, but I am glad I bought it. I am of the opinion that this social experiment we all suddenly found ourselves in worked. People know the author’s name, they know his face. He is not some bug who scurried under the couch. We see him. This is good.

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