Hey Seattle Chicken Ranchers

I’m thinking about ordering sexed chicks from the hatchery again next spring, in such a quantity that they would not include ROOSTERS FOR WARMTH. With the new in-town limit being eight, I think it should be easy to get a group together for a small bocky co-op.

I had good luck with Ideal this year and they have an extensive catalogue, so a person could hand pick whatever pullets they want. What this would look like is that I would place the order for mid-February or early March, and contact you when they come in and you could pick them up, and I would charge some flat fee like $4 per, to spread out shipping and taxes. I’m NOT looking to make money, just to spread some chicken fabulousness.

An advantage here is that you don’t have to drive way out to one of the feed stores. Another problem with the feed stores is that they often order straight run chooks so it’s good luck Chuck with what you get. I got zero roosters from the sexed pullets I hand picked this year.

Let me know if you might be interested in a small amount of co-op’d chicks, anywhere from 1-8 for next spring. You’re not committing to anything and I won’t email you later. I’m just gauging interest. If people seem interested, I will put a call out in January and we can email. I’m certain regular locals have sussed this, but I’m centrally located and north of downtown. Feel free to tell a friend.

4 thoughts on “Hey Seattle Chicken Ranchers

  1. Bocky co-op! My dad had chickens when i was little- I always thought it would be fun to have them again. Maryland is prolly a little too far for co-op participation tho.

    Therefore I will continue to be a Bock Blog fan only. Pictures! We want pictures! Always pictures!

  2. Do you know of any place in Seattle where chix could be *kept* in co-op as well as bought that way? We don’t have space to raise our own individually, but I’d be really interested in contributing to space upkeep/feed/raising labor in return for eggs and possibly chicken.

  3. Rachel, I do not know of this. Interesting idea. Almost like a chicken p-patch.

  4. They’ve done it on some urban rooftops…in inner cities…I have fantasies of sustainable urban livestock and container gardens in the midst of urban wastelands where the crap groceries are superceded by the Will of the People. Pretty unrealistic, but pleasant to contemplate.

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