10 10 10 10 FOR EVERYTHING

The bad thing about a memorial service is that if you’re me you cry all the way through, but the good thing is that you get to hear a lot of people stand up and say that the person you admired was the type of person who would cosign medical school loans for immigrants who needed a second chance, a person who would tape a broken arm up in a newspaper and take you to get it set properly, and was a good father, friend, and doctor. It’s nice when a lot of people agree and find all those good things inspiring.

“Am I going to have to stand up to talk when you die?” Strudel said.

At the Hotel Deluxe

Inky and Ruby catch The Panther Express

Outside Jeld-Wen Field

At Pho Van

Cousins–Gabriel, May, and Strudel

Fountain at Leach Botanical Gardens

I nicked an orchid from one of the arrangements.

5 thoughts on “10 10 10 10 FOR EVERYTHING

  1. It looks like it was gorgeous in Portland. So sorry for your family’s loss.

  2. Strudel looks so much like her pops, it’s crazy. Y’all make a beautiful family!

  3. I find memorials really cathartic. I hope you guys did too xx

    Also, Strudle is turning into a total little lady!

  4. Oh you look so glam and lovely! Sorry for your family’s loss, he sounds like a wonderful man.

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