I’m going to San Diego

Hello! I know it’s in my sidebar and all, but I know some people RSS and some people tune sidebars out all together, assuming they’re ads. I just wanted to say I’m going to Blogher this year and I’m doing the Friday-Saturday thing.

If you are going, and you feel like meeting me, come up and say hello. I’m not going to pretend like “OH I AM BUT A SHY GEEK WHO FALLS DOWN ALL THE TIME LIKE BELLA SWAN AND SPILLS FAYGO DOWN HER FRONTISPIECE.” I don’t. I glow slightly. I’m hella outrageously cool, and so smooth you will not even notice my looking down your shirt, unless I want you to notice me noticing. It’s INSANE, the size of my taint. I got the job offer I wanted today, and even the interviewer said I had a SICK interview hustle. I could have taken a nap during that interview, I was so calm.

Seriously, though, I am a psycho extrovert and I love talking to people, and if I want to talk to you I will approach you as well. Except NOT YOU, histrionic mommyblogger who literally cold-shouldered me when I came up to say hello last time I was there. You can get bent. Everyone else is cool.

And for those who could not give three shits rolled in glitter about any of this, I will be writing my part four of SeaFed/Shark Week tomorrow, which will be our first date. UGH, where the magic started. Then I will write about other first dates.

Monkey chow out!

16 thoughts on “I’m going to San Diego

  1. Okay, for true: I just experienced my very first shudder of remorse at not going to BlogHer this year.

    I would have loved to gape at your taint.

  2. According to the wikipedia folks, the original flavors of Faygo (fruit punch, strawberry, and grape) were based on cake frosting recipes used by the Feigensons in Russia.

  3. I am not a crazy ass extrovert. If you wander up to me and say hello you might make the whole weekend for me. Probably will!

    See you in SD.

  4. Okay so first of all, congrats on the job. They, I am sure, are insanely lucky to have you on board. Second of all, have big fun at Blogher, wish I was going to be there!! Wear something fierce for me.

  5. SJ, I’d love to meet you, but am not attending BlogHer. I do, however, have the ability to be in SD this weekend. Will you be around for coffee or whatevs? I promise I’m not creepy. :)

  6. Kizz: Ok, will try. I should probably postscript and say I never wear my glasses so I am not ignoring anyone ever, you just have to get within 5 feet of me to unblob, sigh.

    Dorrie: Thanks! I am wearing something comfortable since it’s going to be a loooong day.

    HM: Emailed! Thanks.

  7. Oh man, fuck that “i’m not creepy” shit. I’m hella creepy! I’m not going to blogher but if I were, I would stalk all y’all like one of those stone angel statues from Dr. Who. I’d stand perfectly still when you were looking at me and then when you turned your head or blinked, BOOM!!! GRR TEETHS IN YOUR FACE!!!! Creepasaurus rex!

  8. Congrats on the job!

    Any plans to visit Chicago any time soon(ish)? I would be thrilled to drag you around to Ann Sathers and we could boggle at how much The Alley has changed/gentrified/sold out.

  9. Oooh, who snubbed you? I keep trying to guess but there are rather a few histrionic mommybloggers to choose from. I hope you have a lot of fun and meet only kindred spirits.

  10. Helen: Thanks!

    Styro: HILARIOUS.

    Brigid: You are breaking my heart wrt The Alley. I almost spent a whole paycheck on a chartreuse fake fur coat there in 1993.

    Anne: Sweetney.

  11. SJ, I never owned a chartreuse fake fur coat, but I did own a fuchsia fake fur coat. I looked kind of like a muppet. A muppet with mismatched buttons and heavy black boots. There may have been a top hat involved. And a wallet chain.

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