Revenge is a Dish Best Served Uncaffeinated

P: have a confession to make
me: Ok?
P: i just watched three people in front of me either run out the coffee pot and walk off or try the coffee pots and realize they were empty and walk off
me: Are you in the kitchen?
P: so i just filled every single one of the mother fuckers up with decaf
me: HA HA

12 thoughts on “Revenge is a Dish Best Served Uncaffeinated

  1. I thought maybe you were snowed into your house and ice had downed your interwebs. Good thing P is there to be lulzy and cause you to post your livingness. HI FIVE P.

  2. I like the fact that this is a completely personal and secret revenge that no one will ever ever know about.


  3. I had a boss who always wanted me to make coffee because I was the first person in the building—despite the fact that I did not (at the time) drink coffee. So I would always make it shitty. Sometimes I would just rebrew the old used grounds from the day before, sometimes I’d brew decaf in all the regular pots, sometimes I’d use 2 cups of grounds, other times 2 tablespoons, one time I even brewed half coffee, half Herbal Tea. He kept showing me how to make the coffee, he even made a flow-chart and taped it to the wall over the coffee machine, and each time I was like, “OHHHH okay, I think I got it now!” Maaannnn, fuck that motherfucker. Eventually he told me I made shitty coffee and I should stop brewing it because I always fucked it up. I WON!

  4. HA! Styro is a pirate, and I dig it! P, well, we all know he just ROX! Um, where are you, btw? I’m getting worried.

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