“I couldn’t wait to get home last night and wash the jail outta my hair”

Poor Dirt McGert. She got picked up by the popo! I got a call after they closed last night so I couldn’t pick her up til after noon. There wasn’t a name attached to her microchip so the description on the message was just “brown tabby.” Thanks, I have three of those. Now her name is on her microchip so that’s good. At first I wasn’t sure if it was her or Matilda missing since they were both AWOL until this morning.

As soon as I saw her in her cage in the back I started crying and didn’t really stop until I paid my fees and left. Here is my blurry miscreant on the stairs. I’m keeping her in until she’s tagged so hopefully next time a neighbor will call me first. We’ll see.

I think I got a “weeping moron” discount. It could have been a lot more expensive. Plus I was nice and grateful. The lady in front of me was threatening to sue because she was from out of town, had lost her pet, and they were requiring her to license the pet in Seattle, which the man explained to her was a local law thing.

“If you are here with your animal you are bound to local laws and statutes, just like with moving violations and parking tickets,” he explained, sighing.

“I’m calling my LAWYER so we’ll see about THAT,” she retorted.

Maybe dealing with me and my hankie-wringing was easier after that. Gertie’s mother is hissing at her now. She stinks.

6 thoughts on ““I couldn’t wait to get home last night and wash the jail outta my hair”

  1. OH MAN KITTY DRAMA those damn cats. You think you are all cool and stuff and then one goes missing and your heart is broken and then you are all crying and shit at the pound!! This has happened to me also btw. It’s like that Eminem song.

  2. wow, kitties over in the UK are not treated in this way at all – nobody will look for them unless the owner puts out signs saying they’re lost, and the police would never get involved. If there are cases of kitty suffering, animal cruelty inspectors come and take them away – but again, no police unless the mistreatment is so serious it has to go to court.

  3. Ah, I meant the cat popo, sorry. I was pretending that Gertie was Jackie Brown. AHEM. The real beauty of it was that I said goodbye to her in the morning and then got the voicemail after coming out of an appointment at 6 that she’d been scanned and arraigned, heh. I did not even know she was gone yet.

    My puppy class teacher is from the UK and she mentioned once that overall in England there is no tolerance of puppy mills, which is different from here. So I suppose we love our animals so much you take the good of a hyper vigilant animal shelter system that wants to get your pet back to you ASAP with the bad of churning out baby animals to feed that love and make some fat bank.

  4. Maybe they went easier on you because they could see you were genuinely upset your cat went missing. They would know owners like that aren’t going to create ongoing hassles for them.

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