Shit Just Got Real

“MOM don’t look in my pants, there are secrets in there,” Franny said. I was about to stick a carton of orange juice down her pants while she was doing the dishes, because electrolytes.

“Really!” I said. “What kind?”

“I have a BUTT TATTOO of my face on my butt.”

“Oh, from when you were in prison?” I asked.

“Yes, this top crime guy offered to do it illegally while I was there. It is awesome to have a face on your butt. ASS FACE!”

Franny will be twelve in six days.

8 thoughts on “Shit Just Got Real

  1. Franny is awesome, and like minibugger, quite a riot. When the days get long and crappy, they always pop up with breadsticks up their nose while quoting dumb and dumber. Um, maybe that’s just us though.

  2. This made me cackle as one of my friends recently got a tattoo of an ass, on an ass with the words “Baby Mama” around it, on his ass.

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