Dwarfage; Lame SJ

Sooo La Feral Dwarf was handpicked to appear at a press conference thingie that the Mayor showed up to talk about school zone safety. “Boring!” Strudel declared. Also: “They made us NOT smile, because kids getting run over by cars is serious.”

“Are you sure you want HER?” I asked the office lady when they called. “She’s very strong-willed.”

(Photo by Rebecca Deehr)

Fangsgving was nice. I have some pictures to upload. Umm. That’s all. I’m ok! More soon.

10 Responses to “Dwarfage; Lame SJ”

  1. hovy says:

    It’s like police line-up training.

    I am so proud.

  2. krumpy says:

    LOL. Nice job picking the line-up Strudel’s school! Those kids are super serious. They took their job quite seriously. I like it. I also like how the school recognizes her st*r pow*r! Rawr!

  3. dorrie says:

    She takes looking serious very seriously.
    Unrelated: I let “fangsgiving” slip in front of my Mom last week, and lo, there was much lolling.

  4. A says:

    I am convinced Strudel is going to be first woman president. For reals.

  5. misspiggy says:

    Totally. She’s easily the most self-possessed person in the photo, including the adults.

  6. V's Herbie says:

    I think they needed her because she is exactly the right height. They could make themselves a kid marimba with Strudel as the high note.

  7. Halo says:

    Kid marimba! Awesome. I love Studel’s coat. It’s very high fashion for elementary.

  8. krumpy says:

    Ahhh I just came across this old chestnut. Strudel for President! h t t p :// w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m/watch?v=jku1iwQUvjo

  9. ozma says:

    Haaaaa. “She’s very strong willed.”

    Yeah, if my kid was picked I’d say that also: “You never know what she’ll do” and “she’s unpredictable.”

  10. shauna says:

    totally covet her coat!