Dear Diary today I made pancakes and my kid came home early and was crying and crap but is now wearing her hoodie and seems ok again

This weekend I did putt putt putter around.

My good friend Simichrome came over, and we had a fumey good time. I wear gloves but my hands end up dry anyway and I end up coughing. I’m doing a little at a time.

Before and after:

After and after:

I can see my house from here.

Speaking of brass things, I was at the Value Village recently and I found a nice fireplace screen. Mine was okay, I did not love it. It was the replacement since during closing our real estate agent brought her grandson and he fully broke the fireplace screen that was up here among other things. He was kind of an unsupervised brute. Ah well.



I do like this better than the old one I pulled up from the basement fireplace. I’ve kicked it back down there now.

I made some scotch truffles…well, they are part way through. Most of them have been rolled in pecans at this point. So if you are “lucky” enough to be invited over in the next two weeks, you will probably have these very truffles foisted upon you. I made a double batch.

First you mix the cream and the chocolate and the scotch. GANACHEY!

WHIP WHIP WHIP til it is smooth, like on the smooth scale if it one [1] is gravel and ten [10] is opium den hosted by Jesus, then this ganache was probably a seven [7], or Jay Smooth‘s Cousin Who People Say Looks Like Jay Smooth and Gets Drunk And Rants a Little And Sometimes Accidentally Pulls Girls That Way.

Then you measure out even tablespoons and firm them up more before rolling them in pecans. I made a butt ton so I did a double decker thing with shot glasses and a second cookie sheet. Still probably more stable than some of my old Sim houses. R.I.P lot where each room was separate and joined by a catwalk, while all the property was flooded. Yes, that’s practical. I still want to live there, though.

Anyway I don’t have any pictures of them nutted, but I will.

Do you remember the NOOK? Sure you do. Baby, don’t be like that.

I found a free-standing counter I liked and painted it, and changed the hardware. I even painted the little spats it is wearing on its legs. Yes, that is our old friend Rustoleum rosemary. I took the extra spats and put them on my ye olde butcher block table, which is generally home to fruit and plants nowadays. In this way, if I ever need less cooking space (HA) it can be a nook again.

I think it blends fine. I cook on it a lot and look out the window and think about internal and external space and the pantyopticon and semiotics and crap. And crab dip.

V’s Herbie asked about court. Yes. Court. I’ve been pushed out to January 22nd now due to still no GAL report. Guess what though, my lawyer, Lady Jesse Pinkman, totally subpoenaed the GAL though for Tuesday. So it’s like, cough up report or come in and testify. Either way, that’s medium bueno. I bet we won’t continue-ants again.

5 thoughts on “Dear Diary today I made pancakes and my kid came home early and was crying and crap but is now wearing her hoodie and seems ok again

  1. What the ever loving fuck is up with your GAL? Aren’t her actions literally costing you money in terms of having to pay your lawyer to do legal shit? Can you request a new one? this is ridiculous.

  2. Holy scotch truffles!!! I may seriously need to rethink the boring peanut butter truffles I was going to make this week. I want the shiny necklace your bottle of scotch is wearing. Also, new removable counter is perfect!

  3. Brigid: Yes, every time we continue it costs me between $200-$500 dollars. We’re just trying to get the report at this point to not have to start all over again. I hope the subpoena works. I guess something I am trying to convey with recording all this happeningz is that if you get to the point where court is involved there will be a lot of unfair things that are really beyond your control. It’s much nicer to agree. At least SeaFed’s settled down since he discovered that he could be on the hook for part of my legal fees. Pro se is not a free ticket after all…

  4. OMG. I love the googly eyes. I need those on my freezer!

    “R.I.P lot where each room was separate and joined by a catwalk, while all the property was flooded.”

    That lot sounds AWESOME. More interesting by far than a box, which is what my houses all look like these days.

    Gawd, I hope this court kerfuffle actually happens on the 22nd. You’ve been dealing with this for far too long. I also hope SeaFed gets hit with most of your legal fees. Eat that shit motherfucker!

  5. Well, balls. I’m glad your lawyer is on top of things though.

    On happier notes, your kitchen looks awesome. Not at all like mine which has been missing cabinet doors for YEARS because they are half painted and in the garage.

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