Have you been to small claims court? Advice?

Okay, two things. I was wrong about who the killer was in my Miss Marple book. I peeped ahead because I was trying to see the strings. Next time I will peep ahead harder. Or maybe just read a summary. I am moving on to The Magician’s Wife now, a lesser James M. Cain. Still feels like him though. I would like to punch people with words like that. I feel like I can see grime on people in his stories.

Thing two is, have you been to small claims court? Do you know someone who has? I know every district and judge differs somewhat, but I am looking for any experience I can take away. I know it’s supposed to be “layperson-friendly” but I don’t want to step in anything.

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  1. i have been to small claims court a few times. once for me and a few times supporting friends. the key is the paper trail. the person with all the paperwork wins. receipts, documents, anything showing your side wins. im serious- good documentation helps the commissioner make the easiest decision and that makes him happy. even if you were fucked over pretty hard, if the other person can show they did their part documenting the whole thing they will win. i.e. my scummy going to hell ex-landlord.

    after you arrive, the commissioner gives you a period of time to leave the actual courtroom (go in the hallway) to try and “work it out” with your opponent. try and do this if you dont have all the supporting paperwork. i did and got 7k knocked off his idiotic claim. i told him i refused to pay him what he wanted. he backed down (idiot pussy), which was good for me. if you come to an agreement, you go back in and when they call you you say you came to an agreement. then they decide how the loser pays. in total? partial payments? etc.

    if your opponent refuses to negociate, you go back in and he presents his side, and you present yours, no cross talk. the commissioner will ask for your documentation and his. then he asks more questions. you will never speak directly to your opponent. the commissioner will mail you a decision. collecting the money is a different story. the court literally DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT if you get a dime. you are relying on the integrity of the idiot you are suing to pay you. YEAH, RIGHT. so the only thing youve got on your side is the fact that their credit will be ruined for life. or if its a car accident, their license will get suspended. thats about all. its kind of a hollow win if they dont decide to pay you. you can always hire a lawyer to sue them for the money. more bureaucracy/bullshit. as you are well accostomed to, as i can tell from your dealings with your GAL.

    documents! paperwork! clear, concise explanations. thats what i recommend. xo

  2. I am imagining a very Judge Judy scene. So don’t forget your weave and press-on toenails.

  3. Press-ons are a good option if you don’t have time to give your toes a French pedicure. (Gags me whenever I see that! Don’t these women know that makes their toenails look LONGER??? smdh)

    Good luck with the small claims efforts. That GAL deserves to have consequences for being so lame at her job. Seriously. She was supposed to be representing your daughter’s best interests. What a dickwad.

  4. “if you wait patiently by the river, the body of your enemy will float by” — Mad Men (or Sun Tzu, same thing).

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