2 thoughts on “What Happens at the Office Before Anyone Else Comes In

  1. Yeah, weh weh. Actually, what it is is, you are a fucking shit-ass friend. Haven’t read the blog in what, 9 months, and here you are blaming other people YET AGAIN for the fact that you torch every fucking friendship you ever had. Yeppers, that’s my fault for being “too needy” or whatever the fuck. Point the finger at other people for being narcissistic, and there’s four fingers pointing back at you.

    If you EVER do ANYTHING for another person without calculating what might be the possible benefit for you before you do it, I will die of shock. I include your kids.

    Enjoy deleting my comment, but maybe it will give you a 30-second twinge.

  2. [Gonna ignore the comment above as…. uh]

    This video was very therapeutic. Horace roolz.

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