Regular rides free; mustache rides five dollars

Today I bought a 1981 El Camino Super Sport. It is in wonderful, amazing, marvelous shape and I feel so lucky. For the price I paid, I thought I would get a fixer and spend three-plus years ordering parts and coaxing it along. I would have preferred something drivable, so I feel like I struck gold.

I’ve been wanting an El Camino since before I had Franny. I spent a lot of time watching the internet for deals, and getting a grip on reasonable prices, and seeing what was out there during my long two years in court. I told myself once it was settled, I would look in earnest. I happened to take a break on Friday and peeped the ads and there it was.

My gut said “yes, I think so” when I saw the ad, and then seeing the fat files documenting all the replaced parts and work records (one for the body and interior and one for the engine), I said OH HELL YES. It’s drag race ready and it really jumps. I love it SO MUCH. Welcome to the pregame show for my midlife crisis.

18 thoughts on “Regular rides free; mustache rides five dollars

  1. My brother and I used to call those “carups”. Since they look like a car but have a bed like a pickup. :)

  2. Brigid: It is Like a Thing in my head, at least. Me and uhh a bunch of old guys I guess.


  3. I just saw some shitty reality show about a family with a haunted El Camino. You’ll let us know if you start seeing visions, right?

  4. I love this. It is so badass. I want to go cruise the main drag with you on Friday night. I’m totally serious.

    I had a ’74 Chevy Nova with only 70,000 miles in the late 90’s that also came with little old lady maintenance record.

  5. welcome to the land of catrucks. i have a 68 and she is a wonderful beast. dont listen to naysayers. have a pickup that doubles as a muscle car is a gift from god. now go out and offend people.

  6. I’m stealing that. I think we have hivemind–I was just thinking about you yesterday. Are you getting tomatoes? mine are nice this year.

  7. It is yours, use with impunity.
    Next thing you know our cycles will sync.. or something.. you know if I had the ladyparts.

    Picked the first few this afterwork. Our neighbor is doing the heavy lifting on the greenery. She is good people.
    Chickens are going great guns too (apparently an electric fence is an effective predator deterrent who’da thunk it).

    we should get together soonly.

  8. Afternoon pondering… How much would it cost to fill the back of that with ball-pit balls?

  9. Neighbor has one. Doesn’t drive it much. Pains me. Tried to get him to sell. He takes me round the block when I catch him washing her. I’ve named her Maybelle. He doesn’t need to know that.
    I was being patient, but maybe I need to do as SJ does…

    Karman Ghia was my other car of childhood and muscle ruled over all.

    MOPAR or no car.

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