I’ll Treat You Good Girl Like You’re Famous

Today is like this. SeaFed sent Franny back on the ferry by herself without any consultation from me, which is unsurprising, but she handled it CON BRIO and I am very impressed.

STRIPES. Not Bill Murray kind. Though we are watching Scrooged tonight.

Xmas eve dinner was influenced by New Orleans Top Chef, I tackily confess.

Crab cakes, peel n eat shrimp, oysters, and slaw. Every Xmas eve my mother would serve seafood because A. it was her Southern heritage and B. my stepfather, who was allergic to fish, was out getting slizzered and wouldn’t come home to go into anaphylactic shock or whatevs. We would also have a lot of seafood when she would be naughty and run away.

I am TAKING BACK SEAFOOD etc. We’re cool. Fist bump.

I got a mini-case of pineapple sparkling from Maui a couple of years ago and this is the last bottle.


J/K, it’s a dinghy.

5 thoughts on “I’ll Treat You Good Girl Like You’re Famous

  1. This looks like fun! Nesko has to work Christmas Day so my family came over Christmas Eve to open presents and chill. They were only here about 4 hours which is pretty much the perfect time for family visits. Niko kicked off festivities by puking all over the kitchen floor. Yay for making it to the tile and not the wood!!

  2. Take back the seafood! Zeee French do oysters and salmon on Xmas eve, so voilĂ , maybe you are a bit French. Those crabcakes look perfect.

    I made the classic Bohonk meal of roast pork, bread dumplings, sauerkraut, and green beans on Xmas day. I thought I was ordering a bone in roast, so the weight seemed fine to me when I ordered over the phone. But! My roast was boneless and, therefore, huge and I had to cut 12 chops off the roast for it to fit the roasting pan. I am not complaining.

    The tub! The tuuuuuuuuuuub.

  3. Cool Yule to you and yours!
    I am a little jealous of your seafood christmases. My mom thinks seafood is “shabby irish” and is not to be served at high occasions such as rehearsal dinners (no mussles at mine for this reason) or christmas. sadface.

  4. You know, I think that might be partly where it came from…my mother’s Irish southern family. Can’t get much more shabby than that. We always gorged on seafood whenever we were down there with that side.

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