“You can’t take a picture of this–it’s already gone.”

Last year we completely forgot about the Polar Bear Plunge until about 1 p.m. Whoops. While the experience itself on 1/1/2012 was neat, it was like most Seattle events–inconvenient parking, crowds, a shitton of waiting.

“I want to do it this year, but without the hassle,” he said.

“You could just go in the bathtub,” I said. “Or, I could hose you down. Same result really.” I thought I was being funny and then I saw his eyes light up.

Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on ““You can’t take a picture of this–it’s already gone.”

  1. You know, my friend dragged me down to her polar bear club a few weeks ago. It was dark and there was a full moon and the water was icy cold and everyone in the sauna was super friendly.

    But hosing does seem more efficient. The noise P makes as it hits him made me laugh.

  2. That was adorbz. I loved the dance.

    I did a plunge this year following a 5K. That night my temperature hit 102.4.* Coincidence? Possibly. Probably, even. And I’ll go ahead and do the same thing next year, because I am an idiot. But I am highly suspicious.

    *I kept obsessively taking my temperature, since I couldn’t sleep.

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