Tall Tan Young Strudelly

So, dig if you will the picture of time traveling back to Mother’s Day. The girls went spelunking into the chicken coop and there: there be dragons.

They found a demon egg. Seriously, that is an egg. Shell on the left, red yolk on the right. Whisky tango foxtrot!!??!!

Naturally we had to dissect it.

Very auspicious.

So last weekend, since my life is not boring enough as it is already, I decided to re-line the bathroom drawers as part of moving into the basement bathroom. Most of my stuff was in the pink Eisenhower bathroom.

I have approximately 4,000 small bottles of beauty snake oil. FUCK. And they are ALL necessary, because you never know when you’re going to have a day that you specifically need a heat protection cream that works for crimping irons. YOU NEVER KNOW.

So here’s what I think is the original contact paper.

It gave up easily and peeled out dignified-like and without a fuss. I was telling a friend the other day that it was strange to have a bathroom with extremely high-quality, unfinished wooden drawers, as opposed to plastic shelves or lined ones. I think I could sell every drawer on ebay for at least $280 dollars. That is how nice the wood is.

Naturally I felt compelled to recover them. Franny has already spilt makeup in one of the drawers of the mocha bathroom, so I covered all those too with a different pattern that I did not snap for some reason. I am capricious.

A “bonus” was that I found an ad from 1987 behind a drawer (hollerrrr d.o.b. Morgan).


God I’m so angry. It’s making me tired.


PROTIP: How to prevent wrinkles: kill yourself. Because wrinkles be happening.

Let’s have some boring jive about my digestion.

Franny made beautiful heart-shaped sugar cookies on Monday and I ate three. Big whoop, right? They hung me over! WHAT. I had a headache and brain fog all day on Tuesday. Crap. I am broken, I think.

She frosted them with pink frosting and brought them to her friends at school, though, and someone innocently asked her what the occasion was. Her snappy, perfect best friend patted Franny’s stomach and said, “There’s another little one on the way!” Cookie fell out of the friend’s mouth. MAD PROPS AND GOOD BFF CHOICE FRANNY.

So I am fermenting the shit out of everything. A couple of weeks ago Franny and I hit a simple cheesemaking class in West Seattle and we came away with piima culture and a bunch of recipes. So I’ve been making kefir (not pictured) and piima butter (l.) and fruit kvass (r.).

Let’s talk about the other one, who writes notes to herself.

I found this on the table on Wednesday. Strudel is very close to the children’s librarian at our neighborhood library. This librarian, I am told, has just gotten pregnant, and is considering naming her baby after Strudel. Then there may be two of them in the U.S. We are very pleased.

Finally, it’s me. I wake up with my hair all crazy and I call it good and head off to work.

5 thoughts on “Tall Tan Young Strudelly

  1. Thanks for that! I am not bothering with GF bread. I did that with the girls and I know there’s better recipes now but I find it rather depressing! I am just putting cheese etc right into my mouth. That looks like an amazing topping–I could see it mixed with tomato sauce in place of ricotta, maybe. YUM.

  2. There’s this thing called Ajvar you might be able to find at your grocery store, esp if they have a SCARY FOREIGN FOOD SECTION. It’s red peppers and sometimes eggplant and other things. It’s like a puree and spicey-levels range. It pairs really well with kajmak though.

    There’s a kind of sausage called Cevape that kajmak is good with, but that sausage is also good with sour cream. (we went to a Serbian Cafe and the waitress earnestly explained to us that Serbs JUST DO NOT EAT APPETIZERS which startled and worried my husband. “yes…. we do,” he assured me. “We eat them ALL THE TIME.” I guess if you call them “mezze” they somehow don’t count as appetizers? Anyway, they gave us cevape with sour cream and I almost died it tasted so good.)

    I also meant to say that your demon egg is fucking terrifying. What the HELL.

  3. You look amazing in that last pic. Your skin is all glowy. The veg thing seems to be working out!
    That is the girly-est thing I have ever written. Must fix…. ummm… Spark plugs. Boobs. Static friction. Jesus, this is getting worse. I’ll stop now.

  4. Chiming in to say I LOVE AJVAR! It always shocks me when anybody else knows about it because I always get blank looks when I mention it. So I second Brigid’s rec.

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