The Other Side….

Okay, so a few days ago I wrote a satirical piece about the Britney Spears anti-choice sculpture, and ever since then, we at the Offices of I, Asshole have been roaming the highways (and extremely low-ways) of the Internets looking for the Other Side of the Sculpture. I even asked my friend Dunhill, who lives in Brooklyn, to track it down. And now, I believe I have found it. However, this looks like it’s a model or different version, because the hands and ankles aren’t connected. I’m guessing someone snuck a camera phone into the artist’s studio or storage space.

I am being kind to you all and linking to it, rather than just posting it, because of the uproar of having Britney’s tatas up on my front page for so long. So now, the choice is yours. In lieu of the actual picture, I decided to compose a short photo-essay.

A Tribute Inspired by Britney’s Womanliest Moment, Captured Artistically for All Time.




6 thoughts on “The Other Side….

  1. Has no one noted that the posture on that sculpture is THE MOST RIDICULOUS ONE POSSIBLE for actually giving birth (okay, maybe a headstand would be worse)? I mean, talk about uphill…

    Had to be a guy sculptor.

  2. Holy shit.

    How is it that less than five seconds of Janet Jackson’s pastie/tit can get more news coverage than the bombing of Baghdad, but Britney’s gaping, blithering cunt is slathered all over the news?

  3. SJ, I am yet again reminded never to eat or drink whilst reading your site. Because yet again I have snorted coffee out my nose. I’m just glad I didn’t choke, because when they found my dead body slouched over the keyboard, Britney’s protuding fetus would have been on the screen. Thank you, SJ, for bringing the world yet another potentially humiliating death scene.

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