Meanwhile, Back at Rancho Braindead

I am a little like, UGH UGH YAARGH today. But I’m not dead. I’ve just hit a rough patch and am having trouble focusing on writing. Or anything. I wish a magazine would come in my mailbox every single day, because I am in the mood to fill my head with trash right now. Or stare. Staring’s good, too.

I have been debating for a few weeks now whether or not to bring this up at all, but my best friend just moved away on Monday. In theory she’s coming back at some point, but I kind of feel like once she escapes the PNW and tastes the freedom of, well, not living in the PNW, that will be it. I wouldn’t blame her.

Lots of my friends have moved away in the past year, because of the no-job grad school diaspora. Before I was always able to say, I am so sad that my firend left, but think goodness I still have these other friends I see a lot. Now I am like, Oh, shit, that was the last one. I forgot to stockpile berries for the coming winter, like a big retardo grasshopper.

I am over here, a little weepy and irrational right now, and I mean, my sister’s still here, and Companion’s here, but I miss those other people terribly. And now I am poouring my heart into my dumb blog without using speel cheek, that’s how low I’ve sunk. Haw.

So you should probably look at this thread, which discusses one-of-a-kind dolls for sale on Ebay and elsewhere. I peed myself a little when I saw these, one of those gape-mouth involuntary pees of abject horror. You will encounter the words “anatomically-correct” and “exsquisite eleven sword.” This discussion board is really cool in general, and usually NSFW, but I think that thread is okay. I think it’s a bunch of talented but dissaffected comic artists.

Joshua (yes, you): I am cogitatin’ on the email you sent. I will reply soon.

14 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back at Rancho Braindead

  1. I had a year where everybody left. I can imagine what you’re going through and I’m sorry.
    You’re right: distraction is the best medicine.

    The horror of the polymer should keep you busy for quite some time.

    Or try… it’s is like having a subscription to a magazine of distraction. Not so much with the People magazine style distractions, though. ‘Sokay, we’ll always have Paris.

  2. Oh, that sucks. I know how you feel – my best, and really only, friend moved to another state, and got married and pregnant (which means we have nothing in common now, as I am an old, barren, single librarian). Sigh. I miss her terribly.

    I hear drinking helps….

  3. It’s funny, I love being away from the PNW, but just Thursday night, I wrote you a letter about how much I miss you, and how it would be better if you were here with me!

    You were the first, for a long time the only, and certainly the most important friend I made when I was fist trapped by the PNW.

    I love you!

  4. Oops! What I meant was “first”, not “fist”. Apparently I can’t use spell check either!

  5. Having been a leaver and a leavee (levee?), I sympathize. It sucks when you’re apart from your friends. How do you make new friends? Should you actively try to make new friends? Wait for them to show up? Really hard choices. *hugs*

  6. That just fucking sucks. My best local friend moved away four years ago, and I truly considered killing and embalming her, then placing her in my closet rather than letting her leave. The final insult? She moved to Phoenix.

  7. I’m a leaver, as you know, and it feels just as crappy on this end. I miss the heck out of you and the PNW.

  8. That really does suck. Four of my best friends left the PNW some years ago when housing started to skyrocket. I still miss them.

    When RW and I were bingeing on “Sex and the City” on DVD a year or two ago, the most mouth-watering fantastical part of it was that these four women were *best friends* and all lived in the same city and saw each other like every day. I know it’s a dopey show but that practically made me cry every time.

  9. Yes, I have been dealing with much the same for the past year and not enjoying it. Thanks for pouring that into your dumb blog.

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