Assholes what do they know do they know anything let’s find out

“And so I rose in good temper, finding a good chimneypiece made in my upper dining-room chamber, and the diningroom wainscoat in a good forwardness, at which I am glad, and then to the office, where by T. Hater I found all things to my mind, and so we sat at the office till noon, and then at home to dinner with my wife.”

SAMUEL, you don’t even know! This is pretty much my exact day here. Okay, there was no new chimneypiece, but we did talk about having our first fire this weekend. And I painted the wainscot a long time ago. BUT I am out of here at 12:45 as they’ve been working me 9-10 hour days and I’m running out of time on my clock. I will be home to dinner with my wife, who made me garlicky eggs for breakfast.

News news news! I got an email yesterday letting me know I passed the electrician test and was actually above the bar needed for the branch I want to go in. Based on my test scores alone, I can choose any route. The scoring is weird, so roughly speaking, I got a ‘B.’ What a great feeling! Hard work has paid off, but I believe it would simply not be possible for me a year ago to study and retain math on and off for months. I am supposed to hear if I get an interview in 2-3 weeks. I wonder what happened with the woman sitting next to me who was visibly squirming and groaning through the whole thing.

What a long process. I left my FTE position of 3+ years on Halloween 2014, and I’ve been working toward this change since then. It’s been discouraging and tiring at times, but I think I’m most of the way through this marathon. I am so excited to have a math class once a week, and to be walking around working and moving on the other days.

I’m dicking around with my new camera that was a graduation present this summer. I wanted to embed some pics but my photo service is acting up. I will have to be content with linking to my flickr for now. I’m not great at this camera yet! Blurry shots! I don’t really give a shit with my little point and shoot, but I want to take better pictures with this one.

Otherwise I am just kind of living! It’s nice not be be gripped by paranoia or despair or just pain at random times. When you don’t have to manage pain constantly, it’s freaky how much space you have for other things. Everything feels consistent and often very boring. I feel like it took me about a year for my body to really open up and have some kind of foundation for hard work or going for a longish run. I struggled to exercise for years–my lungs always felt too small and my back/joints always hurt somewhere. Now I just glide along and if I go slow enough I feel like I could run forever.

This, of course, adds to my confidence in being able to do more, like a major career change on the doorstep of 40. Ha! Samuel Pepys always inspires me. I need to push on a little farther in my progress, meaning secure an apprenticeship, but then I am thinking about getting back to writing. For my own pleasure, as usual.

I thank God I have no crosses, but only much business to trouble my mind with. In all other things as happy a man as any in the world, for the whole world seems to smile upon me, and if my house were done that I could diligently follow my business, I would not doubt to do God, and the King, and myself good service. And all I do impute almost wholly to my late temperance, since my making of my vowes against wine and plays, which keeps me most happily and contentfully to my business; which God continue!

9 thoughts on “Assholes what do they know do they know anything let’s find out

  1. Wow, that is great news about the test! And also about having space for other things, even if it is boring.

  2. Oooh. Can we hire you to add more outlets through our house? I’d rather support a woman I know than some random dude in the phonebook…

  3. Felicitations! Once you complete the apprenticeship it goes journeyman/woman and then master/mistress electrician, right?

  4. Suebob: HI!

    Amanda: Thanks! I agree!

    Susan: I cannot commit to anything until I’m actually accepted! I feel you, but I don’t think I’m going to be on the residential track or be able to solicit my own work. :( I know a great sparky but he’s a guy!

    A: Thanks! Yes, that’s right. It’s going to take some time. I don’t have to become a master to just work–that’s if you want to pull permits yourself (run a job) as far as I know.

  5. Huge congratulations! For some reason, it makes complete sense to me that you may become an electrician. This is rad.

    It sounds like you’re doing well all around, which makes me happy. I can’t wait to see you! I don’t know if I even poked my head out of the work hole to tell you I’ll be in the PNW on sabbatical for the first 6 months of 2016. Hope to spend some time with you!

  6. Halo: Thanks! You are so smart to stay here (probably south of here I reckon) for your sabbatical. I didn’t even think of that! I’m around. And a square.

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