Came to a fork in the road, picked it up

I was getting to that point where I was really trying to figure out my next move, since I don’t really know what’s coming next. Another tech contract, keep looking for a manufacturing gig, what? Feeling a little silly about having quit my job a week ago as reality set back in, but extremely relieved at the same time.

Then I get an email, and assumed it was spam. NOPE. Invitation to interview at the electricians’. Thank god, I was getting increasingly pathetic. I mean, who doesn’t like being in their robe at 3 in the afternoon? But still.

So I am going to review everything I know about interviewing, interviewing for a trade, and interviewing for them. I think I can get picked up. I need to make sure I have the right outfit that fits. I’ve seen the dudes there on interview day literally in three-piece suits. It’s hard because anything that formal on the lady side gets pretty feminine usually. I’ll figure something out.

I’m hoping I will out on a job next month or February, or at least on the list. In the meantime, I have paid for all xmas presents already with my ill-gotten tech gains. When I came home last week and told the girls I’d quit, one of the first things Franny said was, “Are we going to be able to have…Christmas?” YES YOU GOOSE. That’s the news.

4 thoughts on “Came to a fork in the road, picked it up

  1. Thanks! I’m the only grinch around here. I have looked at ask a manager in passing before–very funny. It will also be a good reminder about certain jobs I do not want to go back to!

  2. Good luck! Looking forward to learning more about the trade life vicariously through you. Have a feeling you are going to do extremely well.

  3. Hello Electrician Tradesperson! So excited for youuuuuuu!!! Go out there and naileth them to the wall with all your smarts and charm. Christmas Steve was foiled by your stealthiness. Christmas for all! No laundry soap caps for presents this year.

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