Ya-Yas…Three for Five Dolla

Here we go down the rabbit hole again! I have first mediation with SeaFed on Saturday, to deal with the custody re-arrangements. I have submitted about six inches of documents and I feel ready. Well, as ready as I can be, considering I have never gone to mediation. I have plans to go out to a movie with friends after, which I am excited about, because my usual MO is to go and…be flat (that’s as much of a plan as I usually have) after these sorts of things.

Last Friday I had the twice-yearly parent-teacher conference with SeaFed. Frannie presents her work and talks about what she’s been doing in class. SeaFed had very few questions. In fact, I only remember him asking one–about her math fact memorization, which he was hammering last year, too. I think math is important as well, but I had a lot of questions. I can’t judge how well I’m doing by that, but while I was talking to her teacher I brought up ongoing issues and I felt like I knew what was going on. I got a feeling from him, by his follow-up questions and body language, that he doesn’t.

I try to take some things Franny says with a grain of salt, or a bucket in some cases. But she tells me things. I know her stepmother’s been taking care of her for quite a while now, especially while he was still holding down a job. The other day she told me she’s been fighting with her stepmother over bedtime because she’s sassy and gets stories taken away (I believe she’s sassy, for sure).

“Why is your stepmom putting you to bed now?” I said.

“Oh, lately my dad doesn’t come home until after bedtime sometimes,” she said.

So I don’t know. I think my hunch about him being out of it is right on. So I am telling myself that if he comes into mediation with…himself, the way he is, and his parenting plan, things should be interesting. I’ll put the meeting up on Youtube. I kid, I kid.

ALSO, it only took me five years to get up the nerve to send something to McSweeney’s but I did it the other day. And later that night, after I sent it, I realized I used the word “Slashdot” when I meant “Metafilter.” Maybe I should have waited another five years. FAIL. Well, I’m glad I got over it and faced my fear. Today, a rejection notice from McSweeney’s, tomorrow a rejection notice from Penthouse Fantasy Forum. After this mediation thing settles down, I am going to find some other places to be rejected from. The sky’s the limit, baby!

If you have itchy writing fingers and you wish to relive the time you dumped Jello all over yourself in front of the boy you liked in middle school, I advise you to head of to my friend’s new site, Can I Sit with You? They are taking submissions about school hell, but be sure to read the guidelines.

12 thoughts on “Ya-Yas…Three for Five Dolla

  1. Good luck with all of it. I just took a plunge myself and submitted a short story to The New Yorker. There’s something a little giddy about it, no? Win or lose, you can say you’re aiming for the big leagues.

  2. The mediator will take one look at Sea Fed and just KNOW he’s putting whitening strips on Franny.

    You’re awesome, and you’ll be fine.

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