Time For My Dried Frog Pills.

Today is frustrating. I am retyping a big stack of documents for work, because there are no electronic files for a yearly event. I need to say that again. No word files of papers that are used every single year. WHA?

Then I picked up my little kid, who was in a bad mood after school as usual. She threw all of her things down on the ground repeatedly, and got really pissed at me and wouldn’t walk when I picked them up. So I tried to carry her, at which point I discovered she wet her pants who knows how long ago, because her tights and skirt were soaked and freezing cold. And then I feel like I am doing a bad job by keeping her in a place that does not notice when children wet themselves. And then she turned and clawed my nose and lips, so I had to carry her backwards.

This makes me miss my big kid more, because she does not claw me in the face, but instead helps me make cookies.

Remind me why I’m doing this, again? And if the answer is YOUR DUM (true) then you are HELLABANNED.

6 thoughts on “Time For My Dried Frog Pills.

  1. Okay, NOT because YOUR dum. It’s because whoever managed that office before you came along is dum. And I imagine you’ll be putting a word or two into the shell-like ear of the individual responsible for the urinesicles on Strudel’s rear.
    Also? Dryd frorg pills are awsum.

  2. You are not DUM, and it is not so they will change you when you get OLD and are urine soaked someday, you are doing this all because you LOVE her!! (Yes I know I am DUM for saying that…because hell my kid is older than Strudel and gives me more hell on a daily basis. 1. No potty training here 2. He is “specul” and needs specul education that starts in January and finally C. I can’t remember c.) So Just go with that you love her and that someday soon she will be baking cookies with you like Franny and it will kick ass more than anything that has kicked ass before!!

  3. Kudos on the Bursar reference ;)

    I believe I am parenting the boy version of your little kid, so lots of empathy coming from Denver.

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