Keats and Yates Are on Your Side.

Wham. I stepped on a nail yesterday. I thought it wasn’t a big deal until the blood started dripping off the end of my toes. Of course I looked around to figure out which miscreant was perpetrating sabotagey on my house. It turns out that someone had nailed a piece of wall board to the ceiling for no apparent reason. It was connected to nothing, and doing nothing. Just nailed up.

So the last time I got a tetanus shot was ten years ago, when I stepped on a nail in my backyard in Phoenix. I’m going to ride this out though, because afflictions add +5 to character. I’m still sad my eye healed up recently. I can’t see shit anyway, so I might as well look more like my hero.

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So, in my ongoing efforts to blog that which cannot be named on other blogs, I will write more about the joys of renegotiating a parenting plan. Funs! Choice between this and ferrets rammed up your ass…can’t choose! It’s just too tough.

Anyway, I had my second session of mediation today. As of about Thursday, I completely lost all my anxiety about it. After he bucked off the results of the first one immediately after walking out (today he revealed that he had changed his mind as soon as he got into his car after the first session), I figured nothing would come out of this. OH HOW I HATE TO BE RIGHT. As I told a friend, I could have just sent a mop with a mouth lipsticked on and the results would have been the same.

I think I will leave it at that…the details are pretty boring. Suffice it to say, after we were sort of coming to consensus he pulled something out of his butt at the last minute (as she was typing up our final paperwork) that was really random and is now NON-NEGOTIABLE, DAMMIT.

Fun times abound for all. I will choke on my own self-righteous crystal-ballishness if he signs the new agreement in the next couple of days. Otherwise, folks, I think we going to court. In the meantime, if he moves, he will be doing the looooong commute to get her to school every day during his time with her, because in the weeks it will take to get us through binding arbitration or court, we will still be on the usual plan.

I can’t remember if I told you this, but I had a dream that I let everything go and totally rolled over and acquiesced to everything he asked for and I felt so good. Then I woke up and remembered my kid, and how she constantly works on me every time I see her. I can’t let her down. FUCK.

Also, this person is funny. Read the story about the dinner table conversation.

17 thoughts on “Keats and Yates Are on Your Side.

  1. That last paragraph just says everything anyone needs to know. You are an awesome parent, and I say that from the perspective of someone raising a smartarse-y monster who nitpicks lolcats’ grammar.

  2. * whispers *
    I’m thinking the ferret up the butt thing might be suitable punishment for ‘the other’, no? Have the lawyer draw THAT up as non-negotiable. It’s, in my humble opinion, fair compensation for mental anguish. Go on. It’ll make you feel better. ;)

  3. Goddamn, I’m sorry about the nail and the mediation. Sometimes I wonder if you have any theories about the dork except that he is a douchebag because his behavior mystifies me to say the least. Brain transplant needed, stat.

    Are you alright, by the way? SEEK MEDICAL CARE NOW. Really, nails in feet are nothing to mess around with.

    I love the +5 to your character. Does it really? I want to believe that but I have my doubts. Accompanying picture could not be more apt. Are you watching BG? I’m a BG geek.

  4. Hells yes I’m watching BG. And I think my foot is fine. It wasn’t rusty. Companion is charged with making sure I don’t suddenly get nuttier.

  5. oh what a mess… never so longed to slap someone i’ve never even met. i agree with WL, you are a fucking awesome parent sj. hang in there comrade xxox

  6. Hey, it’s not the rust that’s dangerous. It’s bacteria in the soil that causes tetnus,which can be deadly.

    Go see a doctor and bend over, get a needle plunged into your ass.

  7. “Then I woke up and remembered my kid, and how she constantly works on me every time I see her. I can’t let her down.”

    Dude, that’s totally defeatist. Of course you can let her down. You’re just not trying hard enough.

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