“I Think Wendy Ho Is Pretty, Mom”

Today I went to Puyallup, YES all the way to Puyallup with my brilliant friend who goes there to get Sonic. Sometimes you just have to do the short road trip. Then we ended up at his favorite pub, where there ratio of dudes to ladies was me, to, well, many, and I was very happy. I wonder about “intruding” on men’s space like that.

A couple of years ago I went to the Dory Alley Fair in San Francisco and I hoped it was okay that I was there. I was very happy, anyway. It was so crowded that at certain points I felt I was being carried along like a salmon by a bunch of giant, (mostly) strapping, seriously gay men. I don’t want to be where I am not wanted, but at the same time I felt so safe and happy and invisible there. I felt like I was Nuala at some kind of fairy ball, yes, pun intended.

Speaking of which, how is project Reclaim Your Fucking Space coming, you ask? After leaving the pub, I decided to head downtown to catch a bus that would slingshot me straight to my house, rather than wait for two. I walked past a coffee shop I walk past every day on my way home from work and I passed a middle-aged white man who was futzing with his bike. As usual, I had my giant earphones on and was walking purposefully with my eyes straight forward.

“Nice hair!” he said, as I passed. I did not blink, speak, or break my stride. “YOU’RE WELCOME,” he called out as I continued on. I moved slightly to slide one of my headphones back, an ace move if you are evesdropping on the bus or whatnot.

“Fucking bitch,” he said, more quietly. I disappeared into traffic.

So. Did I tell you Franny got lice again? We dispatched them pretty quickly. Looks like the vector was SeaFed’s house. Franny came back and told us stories of her other sister being lousy with, you know, LICE, and also pink eye and for some mysterious reason her toe was green. GANGRENE? DOES THE CHILD HAVE GANGRENE? I am so pleased to hear hear her mother is spawning again.

I am having a cooking epic tomorrow. I will finally post pics. Here it is almost Fangsiving and I have not even posted Halloween pictures. Ay yi yi. See you tomorrow.



3 thoughts on ““I Think Wendy Ho Is Pretty, Mom”

  1. LICE! I really think this topic must be discussed more.

    How did you dispatch the lice? I’ve wanted to post on this but it exhausts me. I have 10,000 (all-natural!) techniques and the problem is that I use them all and never know which one worked. I need to settle down to one method as I’m pretty sure we’ll get them again.

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